Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Fall Themed Dotty Day

Can we please, please call these adorable pom poms DOTS for Dotty Hop Day?! I think they look cute enough to eat and it was love at first sight for me!! (I had to remove this weeks linky due to technical problems!)

Although it was love at first $ight, I didn't buy the pom poms until they were half off at Joann's! I hung it along my big Fall themed living room window.

I think it goes well with my new Fall themed button ball garland.

My garlands are like dots also- right? They remind of pom poms, too! Is it wrong to adore your own creations?

I added little leaf buttons to this garland but I couldn't get them to hang right... I also experimented with this garland by looping it differently and if I have time, I'm going to add more buttons and balls to this one to make it even longer.

I think my Currier and Ives dishes lend themselves well to Autumn- as do bunnies in orange sacks! (Bunny from dear Lisa at Puppyluv and cup from dear Fairytale Jackie!)

Tucked in also is a sweet tag from a few years back made by our dear Creative Elizabeth. (Do you like my chippy window sill? I don't but I'm pretending I do until I can paint them.)

And for those of you (like Elizabeth!) who like to see pictures of my world, here's a shot of the farm that I took from the top of the wheat field. The living room window that is featured in todays post is the window located in the right hand corner of the house. See my Aspens? I LOVE them! Happy Autumn!

Sorry I didn't get together a give away for this week. The Holiday days are simply flying by!

Have a great day, girlfriends!

Friday, October 21, 2011

How I Lost 27 Pounds

Many have asked me HOW I lost so much weight so quickly- so here's my story!

How did I lose 27 pounds? I wanted too! Really bad!
A true do it your- selfer, I started losing the day after Mother's Day with the goal of losing 20 pounds. I met my goal and then some by my 50th birthday on Oct. 3rd. I have the most energy and motivation in the Spring so that's when I started.I started out slowly and I made a plan with phases for each week as I went along.

Phase 1 /week 1 included:

*Smaller portions of food

*Less desert (I was a daily 2 times a day desert eater PLUS candy bars!)

*Drinking more water

*Walking to the mail box every morning (about 4 football fields there and back.
*Walking up the wheat field/ hill at least 6 days a week.
(I'd have to stop and catch my breath several times on the way up!)

*10 crunches daily (This was hard!)

*Run up and down the stairs twice in a row- daily . (This was hard, too.)

* I try to remember to stand up/sit up straight and suck in my gut! Yup! I truly believe this helps tone your abs- especially if you've given birth to 4 huge baby boys! It also helps you feel good about yourself, makes you feel thinner and it's good for your internal organs.

*I also naturally increased my activity with Spring cleaning, gardening and sports.

* I started keeping a food and exercize journal. I don't count calories- just write down what I eat.

I lost 3 pounds in my first week! Wow!
This motivated me to keep going and I felt so hopeful. I now know that I always lose about 3 pounds after my menstrual cycle is over (if I have one that month or not) I did not continue to loose 3 pounds weekly but at least once a month, I have a 3 pound loss. (I love those days!)

Phase 2/week 2 was similar with some small but big changes which included:

*2 Balanced meals a day with a healthy snack if needed-avoiding heavy carbs or empty calories. (Chewing slowly and putting down your fork really helps!)

*No desert except on the week end.

*Daily walk to the mail box now included jogging for several feet of it.

*Running up the stairs 3 times in a row now!

I was hungry the first 2 weeks but do you know what? In the past, my stomach would never growl. That's because my stomach was never empty! That's just not good for you! Those first few weeks, I would NOT eat until my stomach would growl and when it would growl, I would say, "This is good, it means I'm getting skinny." When I *would* eat again, I would not "wolf it down" to curb that hunger but I would slowly eat until I felt satisfied. My stomach is used to this now and if by chance I *do* try and eat as much as I used too, I feel miserably FULL!

By phase 3, my crunches easily jumped up to 25 and my hill walk was getting easier! (I can now walk that hill without having to stop once- even when I reach the top! My daily jog gets longer and longer, too!

Throughout the months, my food intake/restrictions have remained the same- 2 meals a day and no desert except on the week ends. I don't forbid any other foods except desert- I just avoid things like white bread or pasta or I only have a little bit. I do make occasional exceptions for family celebrations and holidays. I honestly feel stuffed and uncomfortable if I have 3 meals a day instead of 2. *Some people cannot do this* but I have done it in the past too and I actually feel better and sleep better when I do. What I like to do best is eat around 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

My activity has increased! I now jog half way to the mail box, and run up the stairs 5 times in a row! I'm getting in shape! (You'll never see me at a gym. Me? Exercise in front of strangers? I don't think so!) In the Summer, I traded my hill walk for swimming and now I've been playing a lot of badminton and volleyball in the place of the daily hill walk. I just sort of monitor my activity. At one point, I was doing 200 crunches a day but with my back, it's hard to maintain that amount.

When I'm not as active due to illness or my back, I stall or gain a bit but I lose it when my activity picks back up.

I made a promise to myself to be good to me and to not get down on myself if I "cheated". There have been a few desperate rummagings for chocolate for my hormones sake but no guilt was allowed! We do what we have to-right?! The time I ate a huge meal like I used to was "punishment" enough for that slip up. Boy did I feel awful!

* I set fun rewards for myself.

I told myself that when I lost 5 pounds, I could buy a brand new top. THAT was fun! I set an award for the next 5 pounds also but by that time, I didn't need any other reward other than feeling my jeans get looser every day! Woo-hoo! I have bought LOTS of new clothes at my favorite thrift store and it's such a good feeling to try on clothes and have them FIT! Yay!

I only weigh myself once a week- on my Friday (which is your Monday) and I take my measurements about once a month. I have lost a bunch of inches!! My belly is at a stand still right now while my bust keeps shrinking! Rats! ☺ Actually, my bust needed the shrinkage since it was so difficult to find a top that fit right- plus my shoulders would hurt when wearing a bra. But... the bust can stop shrinking now-okay?! ☺

Everyone is different and what works for me might not work for you.

Before menopause, I could lose a few pounds just by cutting back on calories or increasing activity but now, I have to do BOTH.

Well, I guess that's about it. Ask questions here if you'd like and I'll answer in the comment section for all to read.

PS I AM wearing Spanx in this picture! ☺ And if any of you think I didn't need to lose weight, my current weight is now 160 and I finally can get back into a size 14 jeans. I'm a big lady and always will be but just not as big as I was on Mother's Day 2011!

I ♥ you all!

Monday, October 17, 2011

50's Fire King Dots!

Forget your troubles- come on get DOTTY! It's Dotty Hop Day! Isn't this the cutest little thang eva?

This DOTTY "grease pot" has been taunting me at the antique store since last December! I finally gave in and bought it with my birthday money! I'm trying to find a home for it on my happy shelves. I'll show you when I get everything juuuuust right. ♥

Last week's give away winner of the dotty papers is Angelina of Ruby Jeans! Congratulations Angelina! Did you all see the apron Angelina posted last week for Dotty Hop Day? Eeek! Click HERE to check it out!

What have you all been doing that's fun? My guys rearranged my craft room/ bedroom for me so that means I've been busy cleaning and organizing it. (Which means the rest of the house is a disaster! Ugh!) I HOPE this will be my final arrangement for this room. I am so NOT good at furniture placement.♥

I've also been busily making custom colored button/ball garlands! I love it because it's like designing a quilt but I don't have to do any sewing! Once Sandy gets hers in the mail I'll show it to you and I'll show you the one I'm making for Renee when she gets hers, too. I'm still working on my own fall colored one too and I can't wait to show you that one. Hopefully you're not getting tired of button ball garlands and dots!

♥Thanks to everyone who links up with DOTTY HOP DAY! Remember, the purpose of posting is to show your DOTS. You can link up today or any day this week. ☺

Oops! I forgot to add my Dotty Hop Day/kitty button to this post! Poor kitty! You can copy it from past posts if you'd like.

*I'm* linking up to REDNESDAY! Go see all the reds every Wednesday.

I hope to have another little give away for you next week! Aren't give aways so fun?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dotty Up!

Time to DOTTY UP, girlfriends! Every Tuesday (or starting late Monday night)I show my dots and you can show yours, too! Let's spread the word! You can link up your polka dot post at the end of this post all week long. Feel free to grab my dotty/kitty button, too. Look at the dotty/cuppy jammies that my grandgirl picked out for my birthday! They are super soft like a baby blanket! LOVE!

She knows me so well! She'll be tickled to know that I showed them for Dotty Hop Day!

I also have new dotty shelf trim for my happy shelves above my kitchen sink! They're even happier now. I bought the trim at Michael's Crafts.

I have a little give away for you this week! Everyone who comments gets entered. If your name is drawn, I will send you a little selection of cute dotty papers. Buttons are dots-right?

Put up your own dotty post AND link back to me and you'll be entered in the give away twice! I'll draw the winner next Monday. Please let me know if you post.

Thanks to all of you who join in the party!

Next Dotty Day I'll be showing you a very special vintage dotty dish that I bought with my birthday money!

I'm linking up with another weekly party, Rednesday over at It's A Very Cherry World! Go check it out if you've never been!

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vintage Red Suitcase

This little suitcase is my latest antique store find. I won't have to PAINT this little baby! It's super cheery and ready to hold my fabric projects! I love the rounded corners. The home made cloths on top were pressies in the same week from Julie of Rick Rack and Polka Dots! and Twyla of Two Crazy Crafters! 2 super sweet girls! Julie sent 2 cloths- one in red and one in yellow and Twyla sent the red with yellow trim when she sent the candy colored cloth for my last give away! Great minds think alike, eh?

I'm linked up with Sue for Rednesday.
Be sure and Check out my post from yesterday for Dotty Hop Day!
and see who else linked up. It's not to late for YOU to show off your dots!

* PS That silly ole spell check always tells me that Rednesday is spelled wrong! What do they know???

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dotty Day Garland Winner Announced

Hip hip hurray for Dotty Hop Day! Got dots? Link up at the end of this post to show them off. You can also copy this Dotty Hop Day kitty button if you would like. A link back to Cutie Pie Cottage is always appreciated! Let's spread the word! Here's what I'm showing for Dotty Hop day this week! Brand new dotty fabric and buttons for more button ball garlands! Buttons are dots- right?

And speaking of garlands, I had 37 entries for my give away last week! Woo-hoo! One lucky winner was chosen by the redneck random generator (My 13 year old!) ☺ And the winner is: Renee of My Vintage Mending! Congrats Renee!

Renee will also receive this candy colored wash cloth made by my sweet bloggy friend Twyla of Two Crazy Crafters. Twyla crochets all sorts of wonderful things that she offers in her SHOP! that she shares with her daughter Lindsey. Thank you so much for your contribution, dear Twyla!

I was making some other things to go along with the give away but THEY didn't turn out! Yes, there are many craft failures here at Cutie Pie Cottage but to make up for that, I will also give Renee a second button ball garland with the original multi color theme OR a custom colored garland of her choosing.

I'm having fun making these garlands! Right now I'm working on a custom order for someone and a Fall colored garland for my own living room. *IF* I don't end up selling that one, too! I think I'm going to have to buy stock in Styrofoam balls and buttons! Tee-hee!

Are we liking Dotty Day? Should we keep it up? You can link up to show your dots all week if you want to! We had several girls link up their dots all last week so check them out! Thank you to everyone who plays along!

PS I had a very nice 50th birthday! Thanks to everyone who helped me to celebrate! ((HUGS))