Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Monday, October 17, 2011

50's Fire King Dots!

Forget your troubles- come on get DOTTY! It's Dotty Hop Day! Isn't this the cutest little thang eva?

This DOTTY "grease pot" has been taunting me at the antique store since last December! I finally gave in and bought it with my birthday money! I'm trying to find a home for it on my happy shelves. I'll show you when I get everything juuuuust right. ♥

Last week's give away winner of the dotty papers is Angelina of Ruby Jeans! Congratulations Angelina! Did you all see the apron Angelina posted last week for Dotty Hop Day? Eeek! Click HERE to check it out!

What have you all been doing that's fun? My guys rearranged my craft room/ bedroom for me so that means I've been busy cleaning and organizing it. (Which means the rest of the house is a disaster! Ugh!) I HOPE this will be my final arrangement for this room. I am so NOT good at furniture placement.♥

I've also been busily making custom colored button/ball garlands! I love it because it's like designing a quilt but I don't have to do any sewing! Once Sandy gets hers in the mail I'll show it to you and I'll show you the one I'm making for Renee when she gets hers, too. I'm still working on my own fall colored one too and I can't wait to show you that one. Hopefully you're not getting tired of button ball garlands and dots!

♥Thanks to everyone who links up with DOTTY HOP DAY! Remember, the purpose of posting is to show your DOTS. You can link up today or any day this week. ☺

Oops! I forgot to add my Dotty Hop Day/kitty button to this post! Poor kitty! You can copy it from past posts if you'd like.

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I hope to have another little give away for you next week! Aren't give aways so fun?


Creative Breathing said...

You are organizing Holly, I am so happy for you! I LOVE your polka dotted Fire King! I swoon ever time I see one of these. Can't wait to see it in it's new SPOT! Also am beyond happy Renee and Sandy will soon have their own cute as can be garlands. I simply love mine. Such a clever idea! Thanks for this fun day! Elizabeth

Kim K. said...

I promise, I'll find a dot post in the near future to link to your blog. I always look forward to seeing what everyone else has linked up with. Your latest acquisition is adorable. Be sure to take pics of your craft room makeover!!

Queenie said...

That is so cute Holly, I need a grease pot to keep near the stove...my bacon grease is currently in a bowl with a saucer ontop of it...not that cute :)
I will have to get on the hunt for something! Happy Dotty Day :)
Big hugs,

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Holly! Just too cute! I love polka dots! That "grease pot" is too cute!

Sandie said...

Love it! I have the one with Tulips! Can't wait to see the shelf!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hi Holly!
I also glance at that seet little polka dot greese pot everytim e I pass one! Love those pretty Fire King pieces. I especially love the little white bowl with the dutch images in red that go around the bowl.

Happy Dotty Day, Lindsey

~~Carol~~ said...

Oh Holly, I've always wanted a dotty piece of Fire King! Can't wait to see it on your cutie pie shelves!

donna said...

I see those bowls every now and then. Yours looks like it is in really good shape. They are so cute.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

You've waited since December? I'm surprised someone else didn't snap that cute little number up a long time ago. Lucky you!


Don’t let that scarlet go to your head!
Be very glad you haven’t been bled!
Give thanks for the colors dear to your heart:
Carmine and cherry and wine— a good start!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Red foliage here and here

LV said...

When I was growing up with had grease containers, but nothing that looked this nice.

Lynn said...

I am looking for doties in my house to show, but so far I have not found any:O( But , I will keep looking. I want to join the party Too! How much do your charge for your garlands? I am interested in a red, white, and blue one for my craft room.

I love your new fire king piece!! It is soo perfect for you!

Sarah ~ Magnolia's Attic said...

What a cute little grease pot! It must have known you would be back for it since it didn't go home with anybody else!
Happy Rednesday!

Ruby Jean said...

Oh My GOODNESS!!!!!! I can't believe I won... I NEVER win... Okay not Never...More like RARELY... :) How VERY VERY exciting....Okay what do I need to do.... Can you tell I am Excited...

Ruby Jean said...

I also just linked up...Our homemade bouncy ball...experiment I figured since they were round.. they are like BIG dots... : )

SueLovesCherries said...

A perfect piece! You can keep a secret stash of candy in it!