Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Deck The Blog!

I'm decorating my blog with vintage images freely shared by others! Stay tuned for more! This one above is from sweet Meri.
I think all my images have been shared by:
Two Crazy Crafters
My Vintage Mending
Creative Breathing.
Thank you ladies!
Since these were freely shared with me, I'm assuming you may freely copy from me.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Turn!

Every morning, I eagerly look through your blogs for glimpses of Christmas! So now it's my turn- even if my pics are a bit blurry. I'll pretend that it's cool. Want to pretend with me? No?

Well, how about a farm shot then? This was one of those HUGE harvest moons that looked too large to be true but once my boy took a pic of it, it looked so small! Oh well, it's still a cool pic, eh?

I have been so busy with family (I went to see Breaking Dawn TWICE!) cooking, shopping, pets and decorating that I've hardly had time to craft! I hope to change that today.

Enjoy your day and look for the little things to be thankful for. They are waiting for you!

Have you visited here but never commented? Don't be shy! Just say, "Hi, Holly! You have the best blog out there!" Ha-ha! Nah, my blog is but a drop in the ocean but it *is* mine and I hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Christmas!

Okay, the turkey had his day and now it's time to move on! Happy Christmas time to you all! This is my vintage Christmas card collage. Most of them are flocked!

Make sure and take time for YOU today! That's not being selfish, that's being wise.

Friday, November 25, 2011

A Sugar Kissed Christmas!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! I, for one, am thankful it's over and now we can concentrate on Mother's Day! (Snark~ snark)Nah, seriously, it's *Christmas* time now and those Two Crazy Crafters Twyla and Lindsey are at it again! Go visit a Sugar Kissed Christmas for daily fun!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm Guest Posting!

I know everyone is busy getting ready or Thanksgiving but please drop by DondaLee's blog today and tell me how wonderful I am! Hee-hee!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Am Featured!

I've been meaning to brag about this for some time now! The Decal Cottage has featured my second bunny chair in their photo gallery!
Have you ever been there? I've bought decals from the Decal Cottage twice now. They have the sweetest decals for kitchen, nursery and all things in between!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Buy Your Own Button Ball Garland!

Hello bloggy peeps! I am thrilled that some of you are interested in buying my Button Ball Garlands! (Garland above and below made for Sandy of 521 Lake street)

My garlands are lovingly hand made by me here on my farm. The mini Styrofoam balls are covered with tiny strips of fabric and then strung with coordinating buttons. They remind me of pom poms or strung pop corn! (Pictured below- Autumn garland made for me!)

Button ball garlands can be hung from the ceiling, along curtains, shelves or just about anywhere! I'm wanting to make one for my white Christmas tree this year!

Button Ball Garlands come in 2 different sizes:

3 FT for $20.00


4 FT for $25.00

These prices include shipping.

(Custom garlands below made for my give away winner Renee of My Vintage Mending.)

I do not have an etsy shop or paypal account at this time but if you want to buy a garland of your own, you can email me and we can set up your order and buying info. Click on my profile button in the side bar to find my e mail address if you don't already have it.

Here below is a custom patriotic garland in the design stage. I love designing custom orders! I feel like I'm designing a quilt! A custom order will take a little extra time to put together and can't be shipped immediately but I think they are worth the short wait!

Here's a couple of good close ups showing the texture of the fabric balls. Depending on the fabric and my mood, some are shabbier than others.

I love filling custom orders but you can also order a multi colored garland for a quicker shipping time. Here below is my original multi colored garland sold to my first customer, Elizabeth of Creative Breathing! (Photo by Elizabeth.)

A link to this pricing post will be included in my side bar for future reference.

A big thank you to all you girls who have encouraged me in my creating through the years! If you are an old friend or a new, just know that YOU are special to me and to God!

I'm Linking up to my friend Jennifer's blog the Sugar Pink Boutique for her new linky party!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Inspiration Station!

Look at these wonderful packaging ideas supplied by the talented Jessica of Two Shades Of Pink! I love to visit Jessica any ole time because she's so sweet and fun and she gives the best tutorials on all things crafty! For the next couple months, Jessica has a special treat for us and will be posting festive packaging and crafts for the holiday season. It's been a lot of fun already so go by and see Jessica of Two Shades Of Pink! starting with her first post in the series and join in on the fun!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Win A Vintage Train Case

Head over to see the wonerful miss Rebecca to enter this faaaabulous give away! Click HERE!

Monday, November 7, 2011

My Happy Little Kitchen

Welcome to my happy little kitchen! I finally found the perfect spot for my vintage Fire King dotty bowl! (AKA a grease pot but isn't dotty bowl a much cuter name?) I knew it would go on my happy shelves but it took me a while to get it juuuust right. I have some other kitchen views for you too... but FIRST, let's have a cookie!! These are my brown sugar- part whole wheat- chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and I use Holly plates all year round because my name *IS* Holly! My boy took this pic of the cookies because he was so happy that I made them! Ha-ha! Poor kid! I haven't done much baking since starting my diet back in May.

Now that you have your cookie, here's a full shot of my happy shelves. Perfect-right? I probably won't always enjoy this Kindergarten style of decorating but after all, this IS my second childhood!

These shelves are actually just a cabinet without its doors. The are right above my sink. See my new vintage daisy trivet down below? I love it and I think this is the perfect spot for it! It was a "happy birthday to me" present from the antique mall. (It is soooo hard to get the lighting right in my kitchen! If I turn off that light above the sink, the colors don't come out right. Wish I could get things clearer but this is the best I've been able to do in a long shot. Maybe some day, I will learn how to use my camera?)
It's still Fall in my happy little kitchen and these little guys want you to know it! Banner from Carol at Old Glory Cottage. Paper apron from Cindy at Rick Rack and Gingham. Thanks again, girls!

Hurray for red spray paint! I painted up this little thrift store shelf over my *11 day home alone vacation*. I don't have a before pic. You can just imagine its formally plain, ugly wood. The adorable little crayon apron above it is from Jackie at Once Upon A Fairy Tale! Thanks again, Jackie! I think my grand girls want this but I know I appreciate it more. It's MINE, MINE, MINE!! (I always wanted little sisters to fight with! Hee-hee!)

Here's a close up of the shelf. Yes, everything is rearranged again- AND again and again and again. Ha-ha! See my new Avon strawberry decanter? 25 cents at the thrift store! Yay!

Believe me, I also had plenty of rest on my vacation while watching DVDs and old VHS'. I crafted, decorated and shopped. I also went way off my diet and ate lots of chocolate but only gained a few ounces! I guess it was all those projects and not cooking much while the guys were gone??? That works for me!

Well I think this post has enough RED in it for a Rednesday post don't you? I'm linking up with the fabulous Sue over at It's A Very Cherry World!

Thanks for coming over to visit. I LOVE when you leave me a comment. ♥

Friday, November 4, 2011

Romantic/Rustic Window Treat

Hello girls! I have another window treat to show you! In an attempt to not overwhelm the guys, I tried mixing things up a bit! Will some twine and Currier and Ives do the trick? This is my HUGE living room window. We have no near neighbors and we like the view of our firs and old 1904 barn, so we left it bare. The look was a bit stark though so on MY 11 DAY ALL ALONE VACATION, I finally treated it!

I strung up some twine and put a vintage dresser scarf in the middle and then vintage hankies on either side. I finished it off by tying a cup on each end with more twine in a sloppy bow. I like it! It softens the room up just enough. This is my predominately blue room so I looked for linens with blue in them.

Below this window sits the guys computer and table and it's the biggest, ugliest computer table you've ever seen and I absolutely HATE IT! When my man came home from his trip, one of the first things he said when he came in the house was that I could get rid of it! I had not said ANYTHING about it! Do you think maybe my window worked magic on him?

I also did some re-do painting while I was alone and some kitchen decorating so I'll show you that in the days to come, too!

Thanks for coming by and if you left a comment, I give you a double thank you!

I hope you all have a *most excellent* week end!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vintage Dotty Rose Napkin Banner

Hello happy dotty fans!! As we continue rushing into the holidays, I'll be taking a break from Dotty Day and come back with a bang in January! I've had a lot of trouble with the linkys so no links today but hopefully that will be resolved by the time I come back.I just finished up a 11 day home alone vacation and girls, did I have fun! I could do whatever I wanted to do! Woo-hoo! Stringing up this dots and roses banner along my dinning room window was one of the many projects that I did!

(I spy a cupcake ornament from Celestina and a paper art banner from Elizabeth, too!)
This was an easy project. I just had to do it! I just ironed the vintage napkins, flipped them over some twine, knotted the ends with an ornament hook and hung it from the top of my curtain.

I've made similar banners before with ribbons and flowers in between each "pennant" but this farm house of mine has been wanting things a bit simpler so I'm granting its wish!

I'll be showing you more projects that I did on my vacation in the days to come!

I'm sorry I don't have a linky list for you today but if *you* put up a dotty post, I'd love to know!

I'm also linking up to Rednesday since I have red roses here!