Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's A Zoo Around Here!

This is Holly the zoo keeper reporting from the high prairie of Idaho! I'd like to introduce you to my grand puppy Butters. Who sort of lives with us. I guess. Here, she is sporting the fruit bat look. Cute, huh? ☺ Butters is a Chaweenie and she gets longer and cuter by the minute! ☺ She belongs to my 25 year old boy who lives in the next town over but she's being trained by 13 year old boy. Butters adores me and now that she's potty trained and trained not to bite, I adore her, too! Butters loves our big kitten, Crackers. How about those names? Butters and Crackers? Yeah, we're unique like that.

Crackers also loves Butters and they wrestle to no end!

No one ever gets hurt and they have so much fun tearing from one end of the house to the other and up and down the wooden stairs. They sound like little ponies upstairs! Butters loves to bite Cracker's tail but Crackers gets her back!

Here they are with our big dog, Lexi. Lexi tries to join in their fun but she looks so awkward and doesn't know how to act! Ha-ha! We love to tease her!

Chit- Chat:

Animals in the house is NOT my ideal and it really does make me feel all zoo-ish but I do it for my 13 year old who is the only boy left in the zoo. Oh, and what you don't see in these pics is my poor mama cat Kitty Anne (Note that is Anne with an E!) Poor Kitty Anne is utterly disgusted with these animals and wants her quiet life back. She's hiding somewhere even as I type. :( It's not easy to keep a whole family happy.

Our Christmas was wonderfully fun and low on stress! How about that? The tree comes down today but the rest of the decor will stay up and gradually be put away so the house won't go into blah shock.

The Christmas cookies are all gone but the fudge is still in the fridge. Hmmm... My fudge turned out too hard and my DIL's turned out too soft so I spread hers on top of mine and yes, my waist line is spreading, too! It has till Jan. first to grow all it wants and then it's back to being skinny and cute again as I work out to the songs I will put on my Christmas ipod!!

I hope to be back to the blogging swing in January. I have so many "treasure" posts to do and I want to get back to hosting Dotty Hop Day and a dotty swap as well!

Love to all you girls! You're the icing on my cupcake!

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Snowy Christmas And Some Moose Pics, Too!

Merry Christmas to all my blog friendies! ♥ Not many of us have snow this year so I thought I'd upload a BUNCH of snowy farm pics from LAST YEAR and give you a white Christmas! This opening pic is taken from the top of my looooong drive way.From my bedroom window. My flower beds were all comfy under their blanket of snow.

Ooo! Looking toward the highway.

Yikes! Right outside my bedroom window! Rookie the teen aged moose had just finished "marking his territory". I truly think he had a crush on me. ☺ Rookie visited us frequently last Winter and he was bigger every time! (Don't mind that tipped over chair. We do cool things like that around here.) ☺

Here's Rookie contemplating a ride on the rope swing!

He was a bit smaller and cuter here. This is right after he was looking in my living room window at me.

I think he missed his mama. He had just turned when I snapped this pic. He sure scared me when I walked in the living room!

Our dog, Lexi stopped chasing Rookie after she was "charged" by him. It was scary. We were sorry when we had to thoroughly chase Rookie away for good but he was getting too big and unpredictable to be in the yard with children around. (And me!)

Lovely, snowy fir trees!

I occasionally hike to the top of this wheat field. It's steeper than it looks!

I love the Winter shadows on the snow.

The empty horse pasture that will hopefully have a horse in it some day!

We had a LOT of snow last year!

Another pic through my bedroom window.

I hope you enjoyed the snow! Merry Christmas one and all! You've made my life richer and sweeter!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Very Merry Vintage Hutch!

Merry Christmas, girls! I've been waiting for some sun-shine to take clear pics but alas- no sun! So here, in all its faded glory is my cutified- merry Christmas to me hutch! The cutters and can opener were recent purchases that were sold to me ON this very hutch days before I bought the hutch! Fun, huh? How do you like my bin full of vintage bulbs? ☺ (Pssst- not really full!) Here's the whole top! Decorated over bunches of times as I play every day.

Don't pay attention to the bottom. Ha-ha! It's not done yet! I have a great plan for the bottom so stay tuned. Does my decorating seem sparse to you? I'm really not a minimalist, I just don't have much but now I have an ecxuse to hunt harder!

My red Fire King dotty bowl was also sold to me on this hutch! The hutch had been like a booth. It was filled with the owner's stuff! Now that the hutch is gone, she's supposed to move in another one and I'm told it's yellow! I can't wait to go see it!

I'm finally able to display my little red quilt scraps that Twyla of Two Crazy Crafters gave me! I just love them! Do you like my vintage block words? I love them, too! See my little snowman candle from Jackie at Once Upon A Fairytale? Yup, he gets the love as well! All my goodies are so happy in my hutch. That cherry canister was a score for a $1.50 because it had a dented top!

I thought I would display some of my vintage snow man cards in here. Good idea? My awesome red handled egg beater from Carol at Old Glory Cottage gets center stage!

Happy Apple had to leave my shelves above my sink but he's still happy! I definitely want more tins to display on my hutch but I didn't want to take the ones I have off of my happy shelves because those are what I see when I first walk in the kitchen. (I think I need another happy apple too!)

My mini fridgy, also from Carol, gets a playful Santa on top!

Here's a close up of my awesome new table cloth that I bought a couple months ago! I'm so happy to have a wonderful antique store here in my tiny town and a friendly owner who sells to me! Well, that's it! I hope you enjoyed the hutch tour!

I'm linking up with Sue over at It's A Very Cherry World for Rednesday! I bet there's LOTS of reds today! Go check it out!

Have a great week, everyone!

Remember- no one can "do it all" except God and YOU are NOT Him!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Merry Christmas To Me!

Look what my Bobby got me for Christmas! (My idea- of course!) It's not an authentic Hoosier but it's a lot like one which is good enough for me! It has a metal label on top that says Kitchen Kozy. Isn't that sweet?! I've had a crush on this hutch for a whole year! I saw it the first time I went into my local antique store. It was being used as a display piece and was brimming over with goodies! I can hardly wait to do the same with my own goodies! This little drawer is a bin and it tips out! Eeeps! I can't wait to put something in there!

All the knobs on top are crystal. It even has a cutting board! These pics were taken at night so you can't see the gleam these knobs get.

Here's a shot with the side doors open. Only one panel has glass. We're going to remove that and put white chicken wire in all 3 doors! The top part of the hutch will be for cuteness and the bottom will actually store kitchen stuff. ☺

The bottom drawer is a huge bin! I've had so much fun scrubbing on this hutch! It looks so perfect in my old farm house kitchen. The scruffy white paint matches the paint on my other cupboards!

I hope you can be happy for me girls! I've had to sell or give my furniture away so many times through the years and I hope that this hutch will be my "forever' hutch! I'll take more pics once I get it decorated and now I will be on the hunt for more vintage kitchen tins and such!

I'm linking up to the Fun Friday link up party at my sweet Jennifer's blog, the Sugar Pink Boutique! Go see her today becauseshe's my friend AND she's having a candy light give away!

Have a great day girls!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vintage Light Bulbs And Their Friends

I've been playing up a storm with these vintage light bulbs! They make the most delightful clacking noise when you play with them. I've been placing them in bowls, jars, baskets and sleighs! I have big plans for these babies!And here's the light bulbs' friends. ☺ This is my living room window is all ready for the grands to come over tonight! See their stockings? Maybe they will match better next year.

I have this window decorated especially with them in mind.

I have a snowman, gingerbread, Santa theme going on here. The Christmas lady in the middle was painted by my artistic and beautiful Mom RIP.

These all thrift store goodies and gifts from Christmas past. Nothing fancy in this window- just fun! My husband Bobby picked up the plate at the Goodwill for me this year and he was so happy that I liked it. ☺

Tomorrow is my Bobby's birthday and he will be 59! Have I ever mentioned that he's the most wonderful man in the world? He's totally clueless a lot of the time but he adores me and lavishes me with praise. ☺ We're celebrating his B day today with a family dinner-. I'm making his favorite- chicken and sausage gumbo!

I'm so excited for the grands to see the house all decorated! I even have a tree up in their toy room! AKA JUNK room. Ha-ha! No showing you THAT room!

I hope everyone enjoys their day and enjoys looking at every one's blogs! Remember- you WON'T get it all done and that's okay!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

She Shops- She Scores!

I picked up this snow man pic at my local thrift for 2 bucks! It's a little wooden window frame and the snow men are attached metal pieces. Super cute! I hung it here with some lace- on top of a lace panel on my dinning room wall. I like to mix things up!

Here's a Close up of my tea cups hung with seam binding.

And here's another glimpse of my hutch with my favoritest card image from Twyla and Lindsey of Two Crazy Crafters. I just think those colors and the girls are adorable! Both the bell ornaments you see came from the thrifts and the antique mall. The one from the thrifts was 10 cents! Score! See my new blue bird plate? I ♥ it! No need to put all the regular decor away. Just mix it up!

For the first time ever, I have a little kitchen tree! I hung my smallest ornaments from it. I know my grands will like it. It's just a cheap little plastic tree that I got for a buck but I think all Christmas trees should be loved. ☺

My local antique store is having an open house today so I'm off to that here in a bit and then I'll spend the rest of the day resting because I feel a naughty cold coming on and there's none of that allowed around here!

Hope you all have a great week end!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Win And Fail

Not all my crafting adventures are win.This Christmas garland was a fail. Novelty buttons tip and make a button ball garland hang unevenly and look chaotic. I'm going to tear this one apart and stick to my original design of button- ball- button ball. Nice and even.

But my new jacket this week was a win! For a couple of dollars from my local thrift shop I snagged this super cute/like new jacket! It made me FEEL super cute as we left to go go tree shopping yesterday!

And look where I live! My very own (rented) Green Gables!

Life is good! I have so many things that I want to do today and that keeps me interested and eager with life. But I also know that I *WON'T DO* everything that I want to do today and that's okay! That's one of many advantages of being 5o. You know more about yourself and THAT is a definite WIN!