Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's A Zoo Around Here!

This is Holly the zoo keeper reporting from the high prairie of Idaho! I'd like to introduce you to my grand puppy Butters. Who sort of lives with us. I guess. Here, she is sporting the fruit bat look. Cute, huh? ☺ Butters is a Chaweenie and she gets longer and cuter by the minute! ☺ She belongs to my 25 year old boy who lives in the next town over but she's being trained by 13 year old boy. Butters adores me and now that she's potty trained and trained not to bite, I adore her, too! Butters loves our big kitten, Crackers. How about those names? Butters and Crackers? Yeah, we're unique like that.

Crackers also loves Butters and they wrestle to no end!

No one ever gets hurt and they have so much fun tearing from one end of the house to the other and up and down the wooden stairs. They sound like little ponies upstairs! Butters loves to bite Cracker's tail but Crackers gets her back!

Here they are with our big dog, Lexi. Lexi tries to join in their fun but she looks so awkward and doesn't know how to act! Ha-ha! We love to tease her!

Chit- Chat:

Animals in the house is NOT my ideal and it really does make me feel all zoo-ish but I do it for my 13 year old who is the only boy left in the zoo. Oh, and what you don't see in these pics is my poor mama cat Kitty Anne (Note that is Anne with an E!) Poor Kitty Anne is utterly disgusted with these animals and wants her quiet life back. She's hiding somewhere even as I type. :( It's not easy to keep a whole family happy.

Our Christmas was wonderfully fun and low on stress! How about that? The tree comes down today but the rest of the decor will stay up and gradually be put away so the house won't go into blah shock.

The Christmas cookies are all gone but the fudge is still in the fridge. Hmmm... My fudge turned out too hard and my DIL's turned out too soft so I spread hers on top of mine and yes, my waist line is spreading, too! It has till Jan. first to grow all it wants and then it's back to being skinny and cute again as I work out to the songs I will put on my Christmas ipod!!

I hope to be back to the blogging swing in January. I have so many "treasure" posts to do and I want to get back to hosting Dotty Hop Day and a dotty swap as well!

Love to all you girls! You're the icing on my cupcake!


Shirley Hatfield said...

Nothing is cuter than puppies and kittens playing together. Your pictures and story made me laugh! I'm almost done putting things away. We're leaving for our New Years trip tomorrow so I don't want to come back to the chore. =D

~~Carol~~ said...

I'd love to have a zoo like yours! To me, a house just ain't a home without at least one furbaby. But I guess I forgot what having a kitten is like, because Cupcake is a real handful right now!

Kim K. said...

Our pets the greatest!! Darling pics. Our newest kitten has been nicknamed the "personal Trainer". She's been chasing our 7 year cat around the house for weeks. I'm honestly surprised our Christmas tree hasn't toppled over yet.

retrorevival.biz said...

OMG, that's just about the cutest little dog I've ever seen! Enjoy playing with him:)


Ruby Jean said...

Oh My Goodness Holly that is to funny!! I have never seen a CHAWEENIE!!! Isn't that just to cute... We have a Doxie, Border Collie and Great Dane.. and soon a Rag Doll Kitten.. :) So I understand the Zoo thing...

Julie Harward said...

What a zoo is right but a happy home indeed. I have a little dog like this, mine is black and he is so loving. I used to live in Idaho..Weston down on the border on a 300 acre farm, that is where I was raised. I have put my Christmas away, except for the tree, we are still enjoying it! Happy New Year to you, come say hi some time! :D

patchworkandlace said...

Sweet little animals they look such fun together ,bet they are a handfullx

The Polka Dot Closet said...

What great pictures!! That is just to cute! My grand dog was here for a week over Christmas and the cats were starting to warm up to the dog, but thrilled when she left!!


GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Happy New Year!
Butters is stinkin cute! I think you should keep her! They all get along so well.

My Vintage Mending said...

That is the sweetest looking Butter I have ever seen. Love that they all (most) play together. I grew up in a house without pets because of my fathers allergies and now that I have my own home I wouldn't be able to live a day without them. God bless my husband for being so good with them...smiles...Renee

Lisa said...

Love the furr babies!! They are so sweet! Hope you are having a great week! I cannot wait for it to be over!
Hugs, Lisa

Lynn said...

Hi Holly,
Oh, I just love Butters!! Nothing is better than a little wienee dog in the family!! I would be so lost without my furkids!!! I love them so!!! You kitty kat Krackers is too cute! I love the big dog too! Funny she tries to play but doesn't know how with the wee ones!! Poor baby, give her some extra lovin for me!! I hope Anne Kitty will be fine soon!!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

They are so cute playing together! I think it's remarkable how they get along. Sweet pets!

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

oh my goodness -- i am on sweetness overload!!!!!! i LOVE THEM ALL -- i just want to squeeze them and hug them and love them!!!!! i am a bit over the top when it comes to animals i know! (my kids say i love the dogs more than them : ) lol!!!!!! keep um guessing right :) they are precious and the doxie -- come on -- how cute is that -- those ears are the greatest things ever! thanks so much for sharing with us -- i sure got my big smile for the day! sending holiday hugs!!!! oh -- by the way -- quiet is overrated -- i haven't tried it but i know it is overrated : ) LOL!!!! (((((HUGS)))))

LBP said...

What cute zoo critters! I'm putting my Christmas stuff up this weekend. UGH What a job!

I too have gained a "few" extra this holiday season so it's back to running this weekend!

Happy New Year!


Elyse said...

hey there, holly!

what a fun post. i think you need a new pet to name chex mix. :)

glad you enjoyed the holidays! wishing you a healthy and happy 2012! see you around onlinetown! :)


donna said...

I just love Butters and Crackers. That is just to sweet. Our Duchess is and inside dog. Can not imagine things without her.
Holly you are so sweet. Hope you have a WONDERFUL New Year.

Sandy said...

this is the cuetest one of this mix I have seen! Those ears!! LOL
I might get one of these instead of a doxie....but not unitl my dog now is gone...so I hope it is years from now...she will be 10 this year....:) Sandy

Sandie said...

Your house looks exactly like mine! With One Chiweenie, one grandkitty visiting, and one big awkward dog!!! Now if you have a husband who is severely allergic to cats and can't stop sneezing, we will be identical!! He is so ready to lose the grandkitty! Loved your post! Sandie

koralee said...

Oh I love your sweet puppies and kittens....what a happy home! Hugs for a wonderfully blessed 2012...love your sweet sweet blog. xoxox

stefanie said...

sooooo cute!!! Happy New Year!!!

{oc cottage} said...

How precious!

m ^..^

Jacqueline said...

We connect because we can talk the same language! It's Holly and Molly time, ringing in the bells of the New Year.

We can talks dots, and spots and dogs and cats, dolls and funny clowns (hint PATCH). We can drool over thrift finds and we can appreciate the life we've been given to the max because any old day is a Holly and Molly day and it's always been pure jolly!

Your friend,
From Gnomeland~~out west.

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Happy new year to you my friend! Your home looks like a really fun place to be! I had to giggle at these pictures. I thought of you yesterday at an antique store when I saw children's furniture with decals. I ended up buying some poodle decals, I couldn't resist!
I hope 2012 is a wonderful year for you!

Stampin D Amour said...

Holly - I just found your DARLING blog!!! I'm going to bookmark to stop by again!

You might like my two blogs: I have one dedicated to my booth {96} at the antique mall and one for FREE Vintage Images.

Happy New Year!!! xo

-pamela :)

Betsy said...

Your zoo looks alot like my zoo! Current count is 3 cats and one dog. Your pictures were so cute.

Our Christmas decorations are packed away since we traveled for New Year's, but the boxes still need to be put on the shelves in the garage. A task for another day!

Happy New Year!

Sherry from Alabama said...

What a cutie! She reminds me of my little Maggie. My decorations are down now and the house seems kind of dull without them. You have the right idea, taking them down a few at a time.

Wishing you a warm, wonderful new year!

SHerry @ A Happy Valentine