Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Win And Fail

Not all my crafting adventures are win.This Christmas garland was a fail. Novelty buttons tip and make a button ball garland hang unevenly and look chaotic. I'm going to tear this one apart and stick to my original design of button- ball- button ball. Nice and even.

But my new jacket this week was a win! For a couple of dollars from my local thrift shop I snagged this super cute/like new jacket! It made me FEEL super cute as we left to go go tree shopping yesterday!

And look where I live! My very own (rented) Green Gables!

Life is good! I have so many things that I want to do today and that keeps me interested and eager with life. But I also know that I *WON'T DO* everything that I want to do today and that's okay! That's one of many advantages of being 5o. You know more about yourself and THAT is a definite WIN!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Holly, it's true, 50 gives you certain freedoms. Freedom to be ourselves. You look so adorable in your new jacket! Believe me, You Do NOT look 50!!! Your farm looks like an oasis and I am so happy that you are there. Have a wonderful day, sweet friend! Twyla

Susan S. said...

Great post!I think the garland is cute but I know how it is when you have an idea in your head and then it doesn't turn out as well as you thought!
That Jacket is precious. I saw one very similar a few weeks ago but they didn't have my size or I would have SNAGGED it!
And your home is beautiful....what a wonderful place to live. Merry CHRISTmas!

Nan said...

Very cute Holly I'm glad you found something that fits so well and you like. Wait until you get to 70 now that is real freedom girl, it's a fantastic feeling never feel bad about aging. PS Looking younger helps! Nan

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh, I love your coat, that plaid is so in style this year...And you look like a cutie pie!


Denise said...

Holly,I love ALL your garlands,their darling.Your new coat is so cute on you,perfect for Christmas.You My Dear have a lovely holiday. Denise

Ruby Jean said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about your Dotty Ball Garland... In the picture it looks Great just as you do!!! That coat is Adorable and if your 50... I hope to look as good as you when I get there.. :) Meaning: You DON'T look even Close to 50... REALLY!!

Queenie said...

You look so cute Holly...love the new jacket and your attitude... so glad to know you girl :)
I think your Christmas Garland looks perfect by the way, and I love seeing the beautiful scenery on your farm...so thanks for sharing more pics of it! Hope you find a tree today...I have an artificial one, but we did get a real wreath for the inside of our door...I love the smell of it...the hubby keeps chuckling at me because everytime I walk by it, I have to get close and take a whiff lol! Have a fun day :)
Big hugs,

Shirley Hatfield said...

Everyone knows the fresh air of Idaho...and Utah...make you younger! LOL! I thought you had a teenager modeling the coat...I put on my glasses and you still looked like a teen.

Debbie Kay said...

Holly you are just too cute for words. Ok one word I can come up with...........CUTE!!!!



My Vintage Mending said...

I adore that great coat. What a wonderful find. Can't say it is a total fail it does look cute! Smiles...Renee

Sandy said...


I agree with you...turning 50 changes a lot of things, how you look at things, how you respomd, how you feel....and by the way you look great, and I love the coat! The garland? I like it, but if you don't then just re-do it, the balls are made and they seem like they would take the most time......Hugs, Sandy

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Holly, Your ball, button garlands are adorable.
I just love your new jacket too. You look just darling. Yes when you are 50 you have arrived and it is wonderful to take command of your life with God's direction. You look so young too cutie pie.

Your countryside is a treasure to view each day. Yes, life is so good.
Thank you for stopping by today and your sweet comment.
Have a great weekend.
XO Celestina Marie

Kim K. said...

I agree with Renee, your garland really looks fine. Your new coat is so darn cute. Enjoy every minute and bring on the Christmas cheer!

Rebecca said...

Love the jacket! You look GREAT! You look totally charming and sooo stylin'!

You go girl! 50 is GREAT!


LBP said...

Hello Holly! So glad you stopped by my blog today! I love your new Cutie Pie cottage!

That jacket is the bomb! And you do not look 50! OMG! But I'm 50 too and feel great!

See you again soon!


Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

I can see where you were going with the garland, Holly! It's cute! Sometimes when I put something I thought was a dud, it grows on me later on. :)
And your jacket is so cute!!

donna said...

What a great find. Love your new jacket.

Anonymous said...

Girlfriend, I know that "5-0" was a typ-o! You are not 50, end of discussion!!! You look fantastic in that jacket, and if it'll make me look that good (at 58:), send it to me now!!!


Marl said...

Hi! Holly,

Just came across your blog while searching. Love it! The pic of you with your new jacket is too cute. I cannot believe you said your age is 50. Omg! you look like your in your 20's. Seriously! Wow! Whatever you are doing....keep doing it! I am married with family, in my early fifties & I must add....life gets soooo much easier....in many ways. Stuff, that when I was in my twenties seem like mountains then.....now seem like mole hills lol I say 50 is the new 20-30 :o)Rural homes are wonderful....so much freedom...quiet too! Enjoy!

A Very Merry Christmas To You & Family! Keep up the fun blog.