Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Friday, December 28, 2012

Girly Stuff!

I hope you all had a nice Christmas and didn't wear yourselves out!  I had so much fun stuffing my grand girls stockings'!  The first one is the girlie stocking I decorated for my oldest.  Hers was filled with a lot of American Girl items and the younger one had a bunch of Hello Kitty things in hers.  There were plenty of cupcake themed goodies to stuff in both of their stockings as well!  So fun!  I told the younger that I would make her a girlie stocking for next year but she said she didn't want me too.  She likes the one she has now!  I don't think she likes change.

I hardly decorated this year since we were in the middle of moving.  I just wasn't "feeling it".  ☺

 I hope to start hanging things on the wall this week but first, I need to find some fudge!  ;)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Cutie Pie Paper

I found this adorable vintage paper at the thrifts!  It was just enough to scan.  Isn't it sweet?  It's my little, bitty Christmas card to all of you so feel free to copy!  Oh yes, I'm going all out this year!  Ha-ha!

My unpacking and decorating was halted for a couple days due to illness but I'm back up and running!  I love my little cottage and I'm adjusting to living in town.  By the time Spring comes, I should be used to all these people!  ☺
I still haven't added a "pin it" button here for my Pinterest but if you care too, I can be found on Pinterest under Cutie Pie Cottage.  I'm having so much fun making my boards!
Merry Chistmas to all!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Treasures, Decorating And Exploring

Hello blog friendies!  I'm still unpacking like a wild woman and I'm almost done!  I've thrown a few Christmas things around but not much.  We will probably put the tree up today.  I don't know if it will be decorated but at least it will be up!  I bought my first Santa mug and these dotty Gurley candles at my antique mall the other day.  I also bought 2 Shiny Brites and our "kitten' already broke one!  She's not used to being inside100% of the time so she keeps getting into trouble! 
I thought I'd show you how the dinning room will be arranged.  I put my rocking chair on the other side of the hutch and it's so cozy!  I love my little cottage!  I'm still deciding what will go on the walls.  There's hardly a hole in any of this nicely painted sheet rock so I want to be sure!  I keep unpacking all my treasures and just placing them here and in the kitchen until they are all gathered and ready to be displayed properly (whatever that means!)
And here's some pics of my nature park/walking trail.  This is what I see when I reach the end of my short little street!  Paradise Creek is just beyond the sign and I saw an Otter there right before we moved here!  I've looked for it again but he has either moved on or it's hiding from me!  I so hope it has a mate and that I can see baby otters in the spring!  This will all be so lovely come Springtime!
 There are little trails that go off the main paved trail and lead to benches or the creek.  I didn't have my boots on so I had to stick to the main trail on this picture taking day.
No, it's not like walking all over the farm but it's so much better than walking around a crowded neighborhood!  The Lord knew just what I needed!  Many people walk, run and bike here but on this day, I only passed one man and his dog.
The pic below is when I'm walking back.  One of those little houses in the distance is mine.  ☺  Since the sun was out, I walked back and forth across the fields and soaked it in!
Well I've definitely enjoyed my break from mothering!  It was an unexpected treat in the midst of so much stress!  My boy comes home today and he'll probably be surprised how clean the house is and how much work was done while he was gone!  It's hard to believe that in a few short years, I'll probably have an empty nest!  My guys tend to fly off earlier rather than late but you never know!

All I have to do to be *ready* for Christmas is buy candy for the grand children's stockings- oh and FIND their stockings!  I wish I would have marked which Christmas box they're in but when I packed them away LAST Christmas, I didn't know I would be moving!!

Oh and on the friendly neighbor front- someone secretly plowed our drive way and side walk yesterday morning!  There are so many wonderful people in our world!  Look for them and *BE* them and you'll not be afraid.  ♥

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Opening Presents!

I like to unpack!  I wrap all my treasures very carefully and I often don't know what it is until I unwrap it all the way!  It's like uniting with old friends once again!  As I unwrap my treasures, I just set them about here and there and every day, Meadowbrook Cottage feels more like home!  Do you think I should name my new house Meadowbrook Cottage?  My guys would never forgive me if I named it Cutie Pie Cottage, although in my heart, that's what it is! I live on Meadow street and there is a creek or brook at the end of the street so I thought that would be a good name.
I've never shown you this blue wicker desk because I wasn't sure if I liked the way it turned out.  I bought it from my favorite antique shop for $20.00.  It was a chippy white but I've been wanting to add more bright, happy colors to my life so I spray painted it with Ocean Breeze Blue!!  My shabby Chic book case won't be staying there.  It will go in my bedroom.  Oh if only I could move my own furniture!  As you can see, I centered the hutch on the wall and put my farm table in front of it.  It doesn't leave much room to get into the hutch but it's looks that matter- right? 

Since my boy and grands have been away, I've received a fresh boost of adrenaline!  Quiet and time alone energizes me so I'm back to unpacking and decorating!!  These are a couple shiny brites I picked up at the antique mall the other day.  Just like my friend Shelia, I "poked" them down into my powder room china! 

Don't worry, I'm not working too hard.  I'm playing on Pinterest, blogging, facebooking and playing Songpop and Words With Friends on facebook PLUS thoroughly enjoying watching Netflix instant viewing with my fast, unlimited Internet!  Yay!
Merry Christmas to all!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Give Away And Chit Chat

Patrice at Sentimentally Me is having a give away!  Look at this pretty white cowl scarf that she made!  That would be perfect for my long Idaho winter!
Did you see that I'm on Pinterest?
I tried adding text to that post and it didn't work.  I just love the new changes blogger has given us!  (Snark-snark!)  You can look me up under Cutie Pie Cottage.  I haven't looked for many of you yet.  I'm still trying to figure the site out and I've pinned here and there.  I had accidentally found a whole page of pics that people have pinned from right here on my blog but now I can't find them!  Any clues on how to look yourself up?  (Does that sound vain?) I tried goggling it and did what they said but it didn't work!
Well, I haven't unpacked much in the last few days.  My adreneline finally slowed down and you should see the bags under my eyes!  (Or maybe not!) My boy just left on a trip with my DIL and grands for 4 days so I plan on resting up- or working- whatever I feel like doing!

Merry Christmas to all!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Friday, December 7, 2012

Give Away At Imagimeris!

Go visit Meri to enter her awesome ornament wreath give away!  (Isn't this the cutest little snow people button?)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another Neighbor Gift!

See the snowman tin?  It was full of spicy chex mix and delivered by another neighbor lady who lives caddy corner to us!  She didn't come in but told us her name, where she lived and to let us know if we ever needed anything!  So sweet!  (Bobby was here to answer the door this time so my heart didn't pound as loudly!)
WE *ALSO* found another "wreath" in our boat seat the other morning!  It was similar to the one given by the neighbor couple who came by but she says they didn't put it there so I guess we have a secret Santa neighbor!  Hee-hee!  TOO fun!  I feel very welcome!

I almost have my whole kitchen unpacked!  I haven't had this counter space and this many cupboards and drawers in years!  It's so fun!

Thanks for coming by!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Neighbors, Dust And Moving On!

My nearest neighbors dropped by the other night to introduce themselves with a plate of cookies and this fresh Christmas greenery for the front door!  SO SWEET!  Of course it totally flustered me and I blathered like an idiot and I'm sure they could hear my heart pounding.  Can we say "Social Anxiety"?  Ha-ha!  If I could change one thing about about myself, it would be that.  Unexpected people fluster me.  I've almost always lived in the country and no one just drops by in the country- they call first to make sure you're home.  Had my husband been home, he would have coolly calmed the situation but he and my son were gone and I was having what I thought was some much needed alone time.  Guess again!  **Thank you for all the front door advice!  I loved the idea of painting poster board first and trying it out.  For now, I'm thinking of putting some blue pink, yellow floral paper in the petals of the window and calling it good!  (a tall person can see through them!)  It occurred to me that this isn't the time of year to paint outside anyway so I'll have till spring to think about the color!** 

Here's happy on the empty happy shelves before we left the farm but guess what?  He's happy anywhere he goes!  That's what I like about him!  See the dust rings?  ☺  I never dusted up there. ☺ I love to clean my house but with my back problems, that doesn't mean it's always clean!

And here's further evidence of that!  GROSS!!!  Just a little bit of a reality shot of what we found when we moved the wood box that did not sit flush to the floor!  so when I say that I love to clean my house, please don't imagine that it *is* clean!

On my last day at the farm, I had a grand plan to take a last dramatic walk with little camera shots along the way.  This is as far as I got because it was soooo muddy!  Oh well, I was ready to move on anyway.  I had really been saying goodbye since spring when we were told we would have to leave and the walk felt hallow and staged.  I didn't even walk through the empty house and say goodbye like I usually do when I leave a house.  It was strange.  I'm tired of being sad and ready to be happy!

I'm so enjoying all of your Christmas posts!  Thanks so much for posting!  For me, it's just boxes, boxes and more boxes (and gross dust bunnies) so I'm reveling in the beauty of your decorated homes and sweet crafts!    

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Farm Tribute

I thought I'd do a pictorial tribute to the farm.  345 acres of peace, privacy and solitude.  Thank you Lord for letting me live there as long as I did.  (I added a few craft and decorating pics along the way- as well as my weight loss photo since they were a part of the farm, too.  Enjoy!

I spent the night at our new house last night!  Everything is crazy messy, but the pets are adjusting and so am I. The hardest part is over! ( My guys always adjust to anything immediately- lucky ducks!)

Thanks for all the painting the door advice!  Now here's a funny question.  Are you "supposed" to paint the inside of the door, too?