Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Apron Give Away At Retro Revival!

Maybe if we win, we will look as cute as Cindy AND we'll want to clean our kitchens more often! Yay! Click HERE to enter!

Friday, January 27, 2012

On Sofas And the Winter Blues

Life is usually a mixture of good and bad- happy and sad. I'm happy because I have a new sofa but I'm SAD from lack of light. Do you like my "new" $150.00 sofa? It's the first one I've had in 15 years- compliments of the Salvation Army! (Quilt needs to be re-centered now.)

I really like the sofa's lines and so does my grand puppy, Butters. She inspected it from one end to the other! Butters makes me happy but lack of light makes me feel SAD, lazy and muddled in my mind!

Thanks to my friend KIM, I finally took action against the winter blues and ordered a light therapy box. All the reviews I read were positive and people saw results right away. I'll let you know how it works for me when it arrives. Thanks again, Kim for caring about me.

I know how to count my blessings and I know these blues will pass. In the mean ole time, please understand if I am quiet and spending a lot of time in the world of BBC. Lark Rise To Candleford anyone?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Dotty Deer For Dotty Day!

Sorry but there will be no linky sign up from now on. I'm finding it hard to keep up with so I'll still be posting dots from time to time and doing give aways but no linky. I gotta keep Holly happy! If you already had a dotty post ready for today then please let me know so I can see! Did you know fawns are dotty? This is a scan of a decal of mine that you may copy. I forgot all about it! I found it a couple weeks ago tucked in a bunch of other papers. I have the haaaaardest time keeping paper crafts organized! Isn't is precious?

Last weeks link up give away winner is Betsy from The Little Red Hen At Home! Congrats, Betsy! I'll be sending you off a little dotty surprise sometime this week.

Trouble commenting or opening blogs?

Help spread this word passed on to me by Carol at The Polka Dot Closet:

"Here's the problem and the fix.
Blogger introduced a new feature for people who use the imbedded comment format (As opposed to those who have a pop up or full page comment boxes). Everything got messed up and they have not yet been able to fix it.
Some people who comment with Internet Explorer (Not those using Safari or Firefox) on a post with imbedded format, are not able to comment. If they search other pages in your blog the pages freeze.
Here's the work around as they do not yet have a fix.
Change your comments to "Pop up" or "Full Page". Go to Dashboard>Settings>Comments> And change it. If you are unable to comment on a blog, let the blog owner know to change her settings to "Pop up" for comments. I am sure many blogs have no idea this is going on as they are still receiving some comments from people that don't use Internet Explorer"
Thanks, Carol!

How is everyone coming along with their swaps? With blogger being goofy last week, I've had a hard time making sure everyone is on track!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Swap Partners Revealed!

Hello, girls! Here's what we've all been waiting for!

The dotty swap partner list!
(Each name is linked- just click to visit your partner's blog and exchange info!)

Roselle of Seaside Rose Creations and Trisha of Glass Slippers And All Sorts Of stuff

Renee of My Vintage Mending and Angelina of Ruby Jean

Shirley of Zetta's Aprons and Besty of The little Red Hen At Home

Mary of Mom Wald's Place and Susie of Little Susie Homemaker

Molly of Birdie Blue and Jennifer of Sugar Pink Boutique

Lynn of Life On The Wienee Ranch and Dorothy of Hen's Rule

Jenny of Jenny's Heart and Velma of Down Our Country Road

Lisa of Pupylov Memories and Sarah of Sing and Don't Be Silent

Donna of Donna's Lavender Nest and Debbie Kay of My Vintage Daydreams

Jann of Have A Daily Cup With Mrs. Olson and Noelle of Think. Happy. Thoughts

Sweet Bee of Sweet Bee Cottage and Sue of It's A Very Cherry World

Linda of Linda Ruthie's Aprons and me!

Here are the rules:
1. You and your partner will exchange addresses and swap 3 dotty items only!

2. Items may be hand made, store bought or a combo of both.

3. Find out your partner's style and favorite colors by asking or visiting their blog.

4. You MUST NOT stress. (This is just a little swap!)

5. You MUST have fun! (Your partner will love getting your little package and you will love getting hers!)

4. Mail off swap by Feb. 10-th (Is this too soon? Should we wait until after Valentines Day?)

Tips and hints:

*Wrap your items up really cute.

*Be generous but don't break the bank and make your partner feel guilty.

Ready, set, GO get your dots!

Let me know if any of the links don't work properly or if I accidently missed someone!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sally Gets Her Dotty On!

(Hee-hee! One of my favorite parts of blogging is coming up with blog post titles!)
Welcome to Dotty Hop Day! This is the day when I show off my polka dots and make blog land a happier place because of it! You can link up at the end of this post to show off your dots, too. Just post one or more pics of any kind of dots from your home or even off the Internet. Feel free to grab our Dotty Hop Day kitty button, too. Everyone who links up this week will be entered in a little dotty give away from me! I have 2 Sally pics to share with you today. I learned to read with the Dick and Jane books. I loved little Sally and wished she was my baby sister! Here she is with Tim
I bought a few Dick and Jane pages off of etsy a few years ago and have wanted to frame them but never have! I have so many good intentions...
Feel free to copy these and never do anything with them either- just like me!! Ha-ha!

And in other business:

Last weeks link up give away winner is Pam from Virginia Retro!

Sign up for our dotty SWAP ends tomorrow! Don't miss out!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Give Away at Sweet Bee Cottage

Head over to Sweet Bee Cottage for a cute as can be give away! Give away ends Feb. 4th!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's Dotty Swap Time!

Eeeps! Thank you, Renee of My Vintage Mending for letting me use this perfect image for our dotty swap! Everyone grab it and help spread the word! (I added the borders and the words.) It's Time To Dotty Up! Are we Ready?

The rules of the swap are simple:

1. USA bloggers only (sorry!)

2. Leave a comment on THIS POST saying you want to join and I'll match you up with a partner once all the names are in. I'll leave the sign up open for one week.

3. You and your partner will exchange addresses and send each other *3 dotty related items ONLY*! can we restrain ourselves?

4. Items can be *store bought, home made or a combo of both*.

5. Find out your partner's style and fav colors by asking and/or visiting their blog.

6. Mail off swap by: Feb 10th- does that sound good or should we wait longer?

Here are some *examples* of items we could send to help jump start our January brains! These are *examples* only:

*A dotty candle, dotty note card set and a dotty hankie

*A dotty cup, dotty fabric and a dotty box.

*A dotty scarf, dotty scrap book paper and a dotty bowl.

*Once everyone has joined, I will list the partners in a separate post but also contact you by e mail. Please make sure I have your e mail address!

This is going to be fun!

(This is my first time to host a swap so please bear with me and let me know if I've forgotten anything.)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Top Of Our Hutch For Rednesday!

Looky here, girls! I've been eyeing this toy Wolverine sink/cabinet AND the candelabra at the antique mall for over a year now! Isn't this perfect for the top of *our* hutch? (I think I'll *share* the hutch with all my blog friendies!)

And isn't THIS perfect for the top of our hutch, too? Good thing I had lots of Christmas fun money this year! Our hutch is staying decorated with Christmas until my oil cloth comes for the top of it. Ooops! I let out the secret!

I'm linking up to Sue over It's A Very Cherry World for REDNESDAY! Rednesday is having an anniversary and Sue is having a give away so go see the reds AND enter to win some!

See yesterday's post for my Dotty Day post and a chance to win a give away from me *IF* you link up!

Also, come by tomorrow to get details for our fun and simple dotty swap!

I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tags And A Dotty Lamp Shade Tutorial

Welcome to Dotty Day where blogland gets happier because of dots! Thanks again, Meri for designing this super cute button for me! Today I'm going to show you THREE dotty items that I have made in the past. I hope to post something NEW next week! Here's a little Meyercord decal lamby tag with some tiny dotty paper.

and here is the first tag that I ever made and it too has dotty paper! Gingham, lace, dots, rick rack and buttons all fight to be my favorite!

Oh and of course POM POMS want to be first, too! This is the lamp shade I made last Spring. Click HERE to read the original post for a "sort of" tutorial!

Link your DOTTY post up now through Monday with our linky below this post for a chance to win a little dotty give away! Winner will be anounced next week! This is for fun- okay?


Be on the look out this week for a post about our upcoming 3 item dotty swap! This will be simple and FUN! I'm still trying to create a cute button for our swap. I'm determined to learn how to do this!

Come back tomorrow to see 2 awesome splurges for myRednesday post!

She Shops! She Scores!

She brings it HOOOOOME! ☺
Did you know you can find good deals EVERYWHERE? Just look at this vintage tin from the antique mall for $1.50. Who cares if it doesn't have a lid? How many kitchens did this tin see? This tin is very much at home in my new vintage hutch. (So are my cards from Diane and potholder from Kim!)This is your last peek of Christmas in the hutch! There's my new Pyrex! Say hi!

Here's an old wire side Ball jar that I picked up for just 25 cents at my local thrift! I got another one with the rubber seal still on it, too!

And yet another $1.50 vintage tin from the antique mall,

all because it has a squished in lid. Poor thing!

How about a chintz mini pitcher for 75 cents from the thrifts? It was supposed to be 25 cents but the checker eyed it slowly and raised the price. Hee-hee! This will go in my future booth because it's a bit too much gold for me. I've been picking up lots of little things for my future booth!

So see, you can find vintage deals at the thrifts AND the antique stores if you go often enough and really dig!

Come back tomorrow for Dotty Day!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pyrex For Rednesday!

Ooo-wee! Lookie here, girls!! I found a sweet deal on the Pyrex primary set!I'm so tickled with them! Won't these look sweet on my new/old hutch? They are perfectly worn and loved and they remind me of mom! I'll take more pics of them on my hutch when I can get the settings on my camera right!

See yesterday's Dotty Day post for info on an upcoming dotty swap!

I'm linking up with REDNESDAY! Today! Go see all the great reds!

I have exciting news! I'm thinking about opening a booth at my antique mall! I had thought this might be a far away/ some day kind of thing but now I'm thinking it might be sooner than later. I'll keep you posted!

Lots of love to all my bloggy friends!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ready For Dotty Day And A Swap?

Happy New Year, Girls and welcome back to Dotty Hop Day! Have we all come out of our Christmas sugar comas yet? ☺ Are we ready to start back to Dotty Hop Day AND do a dotty swap? See end of post for details! Dotty Hop Day celebrates happy dots of all colors and sizes! If you want to show your dots, I'd love to see them! Today I want to show you my pink and brown cuppy creation that I made a couple of years ago. It was really YUM! ☺

I used an up cycled thrift store frame for this. I made it for myself or a give away but I ended up giving it to Blogger Noelle for a wedding gift. Simple but cute! I haven't made any cupcake pics in a while. I miss them!Dotty Swap Idea:

Well, I think some of you definitely need more dots in your life so what do you think about me hosting a simple 3 item dotty swap?

Are we ready or should we wait a couple weeks?

I would have a sign up and assign partners and then give ourselves a few weeks to get it together and shipped out...

Here are some *examples* to trigger some ideas and to show you what I have in mind for a 3 item dotty swap:

*A dotty candle, dotty note card set and a dotty hankie

*A dotty cup, dotty fabric and a dotty box

*A dotty scarf, dotty scrap book paper, and a dotty bowl

*A dotty banner/garland, dotty ribbon and dotty buttons

* A dotty pot holder, clothes pins, and a dotty pillow case.

Get the idea? Simple but fun, something to brighten our winter and NOT a ton of money.

Feed back is welcome and I hope to have a GOOD linky set up for next week so get those dots ready!