Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's Dotty Swap Time!

Eeeps! Thank you, Renee of My Vintage Mending for letting me use this perfect image for our dotty swap! Everyone grab it and help spread the word! (I added the borders and the words.) It's Time To Dotty Up! Are we Ready?

The rules of the swap are simple:

1. USA bloggers only (sorry!)

2. Leave a comment on THIS POST saying you want to join and I'll match you up with a partner once all the names are in. I'll leave the sign up open for one week.

3. You and your partner will exchange addresses and send each other *3 dotty related items ONLY*! can we restrain ourselves?

4. Items can be *store bought, home made or a combo of both*.

5. Find out your partner's style and fav colors by asking and/or visiting their blog.

6. Mail off swap by: Feb 10th- does that sound good or should we wait longer?

Here are some *examples* of items we could send to help jump start our January brains! These are *examples* only:

*A dotty candle, dotty note card set and a dotty hankie

*A dotty cup, dotty fabric and a dotty box.

*A dotty scarf, dotty scrap book paper and a dotty bowl.

*Once everyone has joined, I will list the partners in a separate post but also contact you by e mail. Please make sure I have your e mail address!

This is going to be fun!

(This is my first time to host a swap so please bear with me and let me know if I've forgotten anything.)


Unknown said...

Hi Holly:

I've been so MIA from blogging. I am excited to get back in the swing here!
Sign me up for the DOTTY swap!!!

p.s. I saw your FB message...I'll get back to yo later!

Don't forget EASTER dots ;)

ImagiMeri said...

I'm here Holly Dear......sign me up!

BTW you did a great job with your swap button.......so proud of you!


My Vintage Mending said...

Good morning Holly. Would love to join in on the fun....Let me know when and where. I say 3-4 weeks. Sounds like enough time to get it all together. Smiles...Renee

Shirley Hatfield said...

I love this idea! I would love to join in. There can never be too many dots! =D

MomWaldsPlace said...

Oh yes sign me up! What a great way to cheer up January. Let's "Get Our Dotty On"!

birdie blue said...

sounds like fun, holly. i would love to join.


Trisha said...

I would love to be a part of this fun dotty swap! Sign me up!


Lynn said...

Hi Holly,
Please sign me up! I love a good swap and who doesn't love those cute dots:O)

Unknown said...

Oh yes....I want to do this!!!! I LOVE the swap button you made! Dotty Swap here I come! I so enjoy these easy peasy fun swaps!

Lisa said...

I want to join!! I have been looking for dots every where ;)
Hugs, Lisa
Have you visited my new blog? http://pupylovmemories.blogspot.com. Please stop by when you get a chance.
Hugs, Lisa

Jenny's Heart said...

I would love to join :)

Ruby Jean said...

OH OH OH!!!! Count me in... Can't believe I am late to the sign up... Looking forward to finding out who my partner will be so I can get to shopping and making.... :)

Sugar Pink Boutique said...

What a wonderful idea! I would love to participate Holly this will be my first swap!! What fun thank you so much for hosting! Hugs, Jennifer xoxo

donna said...

Holly I am in. This sounds like fun.
I am so excited can not wait to see who you pair me up with.

Betsy said...

Hi Holly,

I love this idea! I would love to take part in this. I've wanted to try a swap, and this one is right up my alley!


Little Susie Home Maker said...

Hi Holly,
I really like the button art you made for this swap! I would love to participate in your Dotty Swap, it sounds like fun. I like the rules. I have done one swap before, so this looks like one that I can enjoy and have lots of fun with.
Thanks for hosting!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

So glad I buzzed by for a bit, because I would love to join this swap! Sounds fun!

Sarah said...

What a cute idea! I'd love to take part in it. Polka dots make everything more cheerful!


♥ Noelle ♥ said...

Count me in :) Email: way2tiredmom78@hotmail.com

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Hi Holly, from one dotty lover to another, this sounds so fun! I would love to be included.

Debbie Kay said...

Hi Holly,

I wanna join your swap. Do you have room for me?



❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

Hi Holly,
I just found your blog and I'm glad I did! I have never participated in a swap before and I think this would be so fun. Please add me to your swap list.

Thank you!

SueLovesCherries said...

Holly, add me in if you need another person!

Unknown said...

Hi Holly:
I want to join in the swap, sign me up, please! Love dots, this will be fun.
Thanks, Dorothy