Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Monday, February 27, 2012

Dotty Straws And Meow!

Hello dear blog friendies! Look! I won these cutie pie straws in a give away from Andrea at The Cottage Market blog! Aren't they adorable?Andrea ordered them for me from The Cupcake Social! I was actually sent a mix of several colors and I will display them in my kitchen hutch! I'll show you when I have them displayed.


Before winning Andrea's give away, I had ordered these adorable kitty cabochons from her etsy shop, Popalicious Too. You should have heard my grandgirls when they found these in a cup on my craft table. They were like, "Oh Grammaaaaaa! What are these fooooooor? Hee-hee!

I let them each pick out 2 of them to bring home. Give away wins and etsy shops make blogging so much fun!

Will I ever have a shop? Probably not until my nest is empty.

Will it ever be empty? Yikes!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Primroses And Hankies

Hello blog friendies! I was soooo tickled to see Primroses as I walked into Walmart the other day! They were there to greet me instead of the regular human greeter! I circled 'round and 'round the Primroses like a grinnin' fool, trying to pick out which ones I wanted! Whenever someone else would walk through the doors, I'd quickly look up, hoping to share a smile with someone over our mutual delight. No one else seemed as pleased as I was. Oh well.

I happily brought my choices home and wrapped hankies around each little pot, secured it with a rubber band and put them in my oblong basket. They sit on my dinning room table in front of my Mandy highchair and the big window!

Here's a full shot of the pots plus a bit of REALITY! There's my guys' poker chips on the window sill and outside this great window, you can see the bent up tin roof over the well housing. ☺

And here's the corner of that wonderful, big window! The window is so old and thin that in the winter, we put some of that shrink wrap plastic over it. Our kitty thought we should let that poor, cold air out so she ripped it up when we were in bed that night! Ha! I think it still helps, though- rips and all!

If you look closely, you will see the tape residue from last year's plastic and the soot and ash that goes along with charming wood stove heat! I won't deny I love wood heat, but it *IS* messy! ♥
I'm off to the dentist this morning and hoping to find some cheerful comments when I get home! HINT-HINT!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's A Dotty Dooty Time before And After!

No REAL duty here- just fun! ☺ I have a real treat for you today! This is a roundy travel case that I bought at the antique mall. I ♥ round. It's a nice light yellow and it's like a GIANT dot- right?

This is before cleaning it up with my magic eraser. I even left the $5.00 price tag on. See how deep the case is? "Come fly with me! Let's fly, lets fly away!"

The handle is all cracked and taped but I don't care. I'll soon remedy that!

Here's AFTER it was cleaned up and cutie- pied! Eeek!

I added a deer decal from Sweetina and some dots! It's so cute, I'm gonna die! ☺

Did you know there's a science to polka dottting things? There is! I added and took away dots so many times that my boy called me Mr. Monk! I finally said, "Let it be!" I still have to give the handle a make over. I'm going to wrap it in fabric. Oh no, I realize that I didn't get pics of the inside! But guess what? It has a little mirror!

Oh and here's what I sent to my dotty swap partner Linda of Linda Ruthie's Aprons!

A little bitty banner.

I also dottified and decaled one of my melamine cups and added a button ball garland with extra dots on the buttons and balls. If you would like to order a button ball garland, see THIS post.

I couldn't decide which pic to use so you get to see 3. ☺

Am I annoying you? ☺

Thank you so much for coming by, being my friends AND leaving me comments! I eat 'em up!

Oh! And I'm also linking this post up to Rednesday!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Peek- A - Boo!

Coming soon! Easter!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Reality Shots

Do you ever look at a person's life with envy and think their life is perfect? I think that is easy to do on the blogs. After all, who wants to show pics of the ugly? (These yellow roses are on the border of our farm.) Yes, the Lord has given me plenty of good things here- like this 1904 barn but there's plenty of ugly, too. I promise!

My Green Gables is a blessing to be sure but it's not *really* mine. I only call it mine. It's just a rental and I have no idea how long I'll be able to stay here. It's a very old fixer upper- which is why we can afford to rent it and even though there is plenty of charm, there are plenty of needs, too!

This is what I see when I look up at my bedroom ceiling in my my bed at night. All the ceilings are full of 100s of holes just like these! I have patched many of them since I've lived here but with 10 foot ceilings, it's not an easy task! I usually end up hurting my back so I endure until I have renewed delusions that I can really finish it all. My dear husband of 31 years works 8 hours a night as a janitor even though he has arthritis. I don't ask him to do anything once he's home.

This house has so many charming little things in it, like my one and only crystal door knob! I love it! ☺

But all the floors are either unfinished, stained and dirty wood sub floors full of splinters or they're old linoleum full of holes and scratches! (I'll save the linoleum pics for another time!) These wood floors NEVER come clean!

I have a charming built in china hutch that is so fun to decorate!

But all the walls in the house are also full of hundreds of holes and scrapes! Again, I have patched many of the holes and tried to paint over some of the scuffs but I've just covered over most of them with pictures or lace panels. This little patch below is what I see in my hall way before looking out the windows to see my beautiful views! I always think that NEXT week, I'll deal with this portion of the house but I don't.

I thank God for views like this of my lovely fir trees!

But they block the sun and give me a front yard which looks like this! Mud and fir needles are my constant companions in the house along with wood chips from the wood stove, ash from the wood stove and fur from the pets! ☺ My boy and I are going to try to seed a lawn this spring. I hope it works.

So you see, my house and my life are not idyllic but it is MY life and I embrace the good with the bad and the ugly. We ALL have both going on in our lives. If you visit a blogger that seems to have a perfect life, I guarantee you that she doesn't! Even if her house is brand new, she might still wish to live on my 345 acres with a fixer upper instead! Even if she has the perfect house and location, she might would rather have your husband or NO husband at all! Ha-ha! We've all been handed good and bad and it's up to us to use it how we see fit.

I don't wan to be envious! Let's be happy for each other for the good things in our lives and sympathetic through the bad.

I plan on having more reality shots in the future. ☺

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yo! Wus Up?

My dotty swap package from Linda of Linda Ruthie's Aprons - that's what! Look how cute the wrapping and card were!

She made me a yo-yo table runner! I adore yo-yos! I have this thing for anything that is little and round. I guess that's why I like dots!

Look at all these adorable fabrics she used! I love it so much that I looked at it in my bed last night! ☺ So much work on Linda's part but sooo appreciated by me!

And she made me a cute, little round dotty box with a kitty face! Eeeks!

And there were these adorable bottle cap magnets inside the box! Double eeeks!

She also sewed up a pot holder for my red and yellow kitchen!

With dots on both sides!

Isn't that a clever idea?

somehow this seems like more than 3 items but I love my goodies so much, Linda! Thank you once again!

And thank you to all the swappers who signed up for my first swap! You were all a great bunch of girls to work with! I hope you had fun! I think swaps, parties and give aways are what help keep blogging fun so I wanted to pitch in and try to do my part.

If you haven't showed your goodies on your blog already, I'm sure we would all love to see!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dotty Swap Reminder

Hello dotty swappers! For those of you that are last minute girls like me, tomorrow is our dealine for sending out our dotty swaps! Please let me know if there is any problem! Here's a sneak peek of one of the things I'm sending Linda!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dressing The Hutch!

Hello to all you sisters that I never had! Are you ready for another hutch tour? (Warning: Lots of pics!) See my new dotty oil cloth on the counter of the hutch? I bought it from Kelly's shop, The Oil Cloth Addict! Click HERE to get your own oil cloth. It was so hard to decide which one to get. I wanted them all and you will, too!

My only regret about this post is that the settings on my camera got messed up and I can't seem to right them again! I promise to take more and better pics when I do! I copied the plate in the drawer idea from Sandie at Steadman's Corner. I hope you don't mind, Sandie. ☺

My poor Christmas hutch seemed so forlorn once I took all the Christmas decorations down! Don't you just hate that? My thought was to dress it up for Valentines Day but I have discovered that less is more for me. I tried adding more items and a lot of paper valentines but it seemed too cluttered for me. Pssst! My mom's rolling pin really likes that ruffly red trim in there with it! It was a long ago gift from my friend Queenie!

The large green topped syrup pitcher was 25 cents at my favorite thrift store! The yellow faucet knob(?) thingy was found in one of the outbuildings here on the farm.

When I finally got over to Michael's, they were out of the dotty cupcake papers but they still had the strawberry ones! I'm so glad! See them there in my old wire side Ball jar? Another 25 cent winner!

Yes, my hutch has some splurges on it but it's full of good deals, too! ☺

This little heart that says Cutie Pie was a Christmas present this year from my friend Lori who was my best friend in Junior High! We reconnected through facebook a few years ago. Thank you, facebook!

Nursery Irmi's from Elizabeth in the hutch? Why not? Children's blocks? But of course!

My mini tip out bin really misses those vintage light bulbs being in it! Can you guess what I'm going to put in it for Easter? ☺

My growing vintage tin canister collection! Each of them under $2.00!

I followed Elyse's advice for using painters tape to secure my oil cloth to the counter of the hutch but that left front corner keeps coming undone! See the blue tape? Hmmm... See my crocheted basket/ pot holder from Kim? She spoiled me this Christmas!

that's all folks! I'm linking up with Sue over at It's A Very Cherry world for Rednesday! Thank you, Sue for hosting this red eye candy day for us!

Thanks for coming by to see me, blog friendies! Your comments add happiness to my life!