Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tails From The Craft Room.

It occurred to me that I have many tails in my craft room. Bunny tails abound but so do deer and bear tails! (Cup cake and flowers from The Dollar Tree) Can't forget duck tails! Woo-hoo-oo! ☺

Lambys too!

Close up of my "giant" spring button/ball garland. ☺

And my most favorite tail of all- a giraffe tail!

Have you met my chenille giraffe? I love him! His name is Jeremy. See how I have him hung on a line? I just love the combo of pink, blue and yellow that is found in this children's spread.

I bought him at a Virginia flea market a few years ago for $12.00.

It's a small twin size with very little wear. I was thrilled when I found it! I hugged it to me all the way home!

Here's a close up of one of the flowers.

And here's a parting shot of Jeremy's little feets! Wherever YOUR feet take you today, I know you will be blessed!
My landlord has to come look at the overhead light in my craft room/bedroom tomorrow. I'm sure he's going to wonder our master bedroom is a "baby room" Hee-hee!

Thanks for coming by!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Favorite Find

Happy Dotty Day everyone! The happy shelves above my kitchen sink are here to greet you today! I recently posted these shelves AND my dotty hutch over at my new favorite web site- My Favorite Find! Have you been there? Have you heard about it? Serena from Farm Chicks (along with her team) have created a new web site for showing finds and telling about shops and events. You can comment on the posts you like, meet new people and add things to your favorites. Click HERE to go to the site and look for the "request invitation" link. "Invitation only" means no spam and no word verification hoops to jump through!

The winner of last week's dotty give away is Happy Holiday Girl! Happy is a new blogger that I met over at My favorite Find so it's a nice way to meet other collectors, too!

The sun is shining here today and I feel a burst of energy coming on! Laters!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Dotty Day!

I promised you girls some new hutch display pics so here they are! I have give away wins, recents finds and gifts to show! Pam from Virginia Retro sent me some vintage jewelry pieces so I popped them in the hutch! Thanks again, Pam! My straws that I won from Andrea at The Cottage Market are in a 25 cent wire side ball jar. The tablecloth glass is a recent GoodWill find. I paid a whole dollar for it but I just had to have it. I am the last of the big spenders! Bitty wooden shoe a long ago gift from Jackie at Once Upon A Fairyland. ☺

There's my adorable little pillow that I won from Debbie! It looks right at home- don't you think? And do you like my metal Band- Aide box? It even has 2 Band-Aides inside with that lady on them! Eeek! That was $3.00 from my local antique shop. My big syrup pitcher
was 25 cents at my favorite thrift.

What? You want to see the whole hutch again? Okay- but this is an older shot. ☺

Everyone who comments on this post will be entered to win a little dotty give away which will end on Monday!

I'm linking up to Rednesday!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Getting Ready For Easter And Look What I Won!

Hello there my peeps- my friends who "get" me! I thought if I showed you some pics from LAST Easter, it would help to get in the mood for decorating and crafting THIS Easter. I've been sick a lot here at the end of winter. Boo-hoo! Poor me!

It's made me so behind on all my work and play. I just need spring!

I am glad to have won some give aways lately and that perked me up!

I won this adorable little pillow that Debbie of Ribbonwood Cottage made! (Picture is Debbie's) It's already in my hutch and I'll show you when I get a good pic. I'm liking this wrapping cute paper around cans idea of hers. Debbie ALWAYS has cute ideas out there on her farm. Click HERE to visit Debbie.

I also won this cute apron from cute Cindy at Retro Revival! Isn't she a perfect model? I'll model it for you too -once I feel cute again. ☺ Click HERE to visit Cindy. She has lots of give aways and she's so fun, you'll want to visit often to see what she's been making.

I know some of you Midwestern girls are enjoying unseasonably warm weather but we're just normal here. We've had hit and miss days that are super nice but they are short lived. Since I'm a Northern girl, I will be patient.

My baby boy turns 14 tomorrow! I'm supposed to be working on his big enchilada birthday meal for tomorrow but instead, I'm playing Words With Friends on facebook, blogging and emailing. I'm scared to get in there! Help!

Monday, March 12, 2012

She Shops She Scores!

She enters through the doors of the Goodwill...
She quickly moves back to the textile section...
She sees it! She moves in! She nabs it and... SHE SCORES! It's a cutie pie braided rug with gingham in it for just $2.00!! I put my foot there so you can tell what the size is. (AKA hide the little stain I saw later.) ☺

Evidently, baby Butters must smell everything she sees me taking a picture of!

Are you all excited about the time change?

I am! I'm tired of darkness, sickness and cold!

We love you spring! Please hurry!

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Blog Grows With Me

I'm linking upto: What Do You Want Your Blog To be When It Grows Up? Click HERE to go to Andrea's blog, The Cottage Market to see who else linked up. I must warn you, I'm in a pink mood so I loaded a bunch of pinks to help me talk! (This first shot is from my second craft room- my Sweet Retreat in Virginia.) I want my blog to grow *with me* because I'm always changing. I've been blogging since May 07! I love that I can write and publish my own works for free! My first blog was a devotional blog.

It's still out there although I'm not posting on it at this time. The name of that blog is To Know Him More. Click HERE if you want to see it. At To Know Him More I'd only use nature pictures that I'd find on the Internet like the one below.

The main reason that I started To Know Him More was because I had a LOT of writings that I wanted to have somewhere other than in my own computer. I used to send out a e- newsletter called Dear Sisters and many of the older blog posts on TKHM are taken from that. (My profile there is VERY out of date. I need to fix that some day.)

When I first started TKHM, I didn't know anything about "girly" blogs- as I came to call them. I didn't even expect comments on my blog. I hadn't told very many people about it and most people I talked too hadn't even heard of blogs! Some friends from discussion boards I was on would comment a little bit and as I started commenting on girly blogs, I started getting more comments on mine! How fun!

When I saw all the fun the girly bloggers were having, I decided I would start a second blog of my own some day and call it Girls At Heart. A whole new world opened up to me through the girl blogs! For the first time in my life, I had encouragement in my crafts and decorating and I found other girls who "got me" when it came to garage sales and the thrift stores!

After I started Girls at Heart, I started crafting a lot and it made me so happy! I eventually dropped my devotional blog because my writing just wasn't flowing anymore. Some people saw that as a bad thing but I didn't and still don't. For everything there is a season. I still write a lot between here, facebook and e mails but it's not titled "Devotional".

I might start posting to my other blog some day but I can't force devotional writing. I'll always love writing and in fact, I think I'll write a book some day when the timing is right. My main goal in blogging here or there is to share my life and love and in that, I hope you feel loved and encouraged!

A few months back, I changed Girls At Heart to Cutie Pie Cottage but whatever I call my blog, I'll always be glad you're here! In fact, if you actually read all this and you leave a comment, I'll pay you! Ha-ha! I kid!

Enjoy life, my friends because it enjoys YOU!