Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Getting Ready For Easter And Look What I Won!

Hello there my peeps- my friends who "get" me! I thought if I showed you some pics from LAST Easter, it would help to get in the mood for decorating and crafting THIS Easter. I've been sick a lot here at the end of winter. Boo-hoo! Poor me!

It's made me so behind on all my work and play. I just need spring!

I am glad to have won some give aways lately and that perked me up!

I won this adorable little pillow that Debbie of Ribbonwood Cottage made! (Picture is Debbie's) It's already in my hutch and I'll show you when I get a good pic. I'm liking this wrapping cute paper around cans idea of hers. Debbie ALWAYS has cute ideas out there on her farm. Click HERE to visit Debbie.

I also won this cute apron from cute Cindy at Retro Revival! Isn't she a perfect model? I'll model it for you too -once I feel cute again. ☺ Click HERE to visit Cindy. She has lots of give aways and she's so fun, you'll want to visit often to see what she's been making.

I know some of you Midwestern girls are enjoying unseasonably warm weather but we're just normal here. We've had hit and miss days that are super nice but they are short lived. Since I'm a Northern girl, I will be patient.

My baby boy turns 14 tomorrow! I'm supposed to be working on his big enchilada birthday meal for tomorrow but instead, I'm playing Words With Friends on facebook, blogging and emailing. I'm scared to get in there! Help!


VintageBettys said...

Wow! You really got some great prizes! That apron and the pillow are very cute. Have a great weekend Holly :)

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

I love the pillow and apron, and all your Easter decorating from last year. And - I get you! Tell your baby happy birthday tomorrow from me!

Mom Wald said...

Well now you are all ready for spring! Love your vintage dishes with the roses.

Sandy said...

lol...sometimes you just make me laugh! Enchiladas sound so good.....I LOVE that pillow, but of course you knew I would! I am getting things done in my craft/hobby room, it is a slow go...and I have come to the conclusion that once more....I have too much stuff! You want to come get some????? I have a guest room....:) Sandy

Julie said...

I love your Easter decorations. I also own some of the same china plates as you do. They look so pretty with the other Easter & spring stuff.

Kim K. said...

Your Easter decorations are very sweet. Have a wonderful time celebrating your son's birthday.

Jacqueline said...

Even when skies are not so blue and we are in the middle of winter, spring to come, and the hope of Easter just before us.
Toasting to Holly today, for all the sunshine you bring despite the boo hoo, you make life cute for all of us!
That's a gift in itself!

Jann Olson said...

Hi Holly, don't you worry girl that the decor is lasts years. The important thing is that you get rested up and perked up! I think of you often. I saw that you won the apron. Couldn't think of a better person to win, unless maybe me. lol! Love, love that pillow. I decorate with cherries for June. May need to copy.

Roselle said...

You are a lucky girl! Cute stuff!

We are having very warm weather today and tomorrow too but then the cold and rain comes back :(


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Good morning, Holly! You are a lucky girl to win such nice gifts! By now, the enchilada dinner will be behind you. Hope everything went well and your boy had a wonderful birthday. Yes, it's been temps in the low 80's here lately. Unbelievable! Everything is blooming and I even found mushrooms yesterday! Earliest Ever! Have a wonderful day! Twyla

vivian said...

hi Holly, I hope youre feeling better. I was sick a lot this past winter too. whats up with that? I had a nasty cold 4 times since right before christmas. hopefully I'm done with that now! Love your pics.. and congrats on your wins. the pillow is just adorable. adn I do hope you'll model the apron for us!
have fun for your sons birthday!
xoxo and happy day!

~~Carol~~ said...

Congrats on your very cute winnings!
It's been at least 30 degrees above normal for the second week now, and my allergies are going bonkers. I know I shouldn't complain about the beautiful weather, but I still feel that a snowstorm could be just around the corner. It's only March!
Hope you're feeling better and that your son had a great birthday!