Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I haven't taken any new pics since my surgery so I've reached far back to find some old ones and some random ones, too. I love my pink dishes and use them in my craft room!

All of them except the butter dish house tiny strips of fabric for my button ball garlands. I love the sound the dishes make when I handle them.

Here's the random family life pics:

This is my youngest (14) being coached by my eldest (30) in the art of rock climbing at the gym. My eldest is an excellent climber and has even been in a book. He says he thinks our youngest will surpass him in skill. I take my boy about once a week to do this. I am always exhausted the next day after going to the university gym. Yeah, that's how I roll. ☺

Here's my grandpuppy, Butters. She lives with us permanently now but I still refer to myself as her gramma. Hard to believe she's a chicken killer, eh? Other than the chicken episode and her potty accidents, she's brought much happiness to my life.

This is a before shot of the upstairs guest room/toy room/storage room. There is no after shot. Do you know why? Because I still haven't finished it and probably never will! That's the good thing about being 50. You can accept your faults and they turn into strengths like... knowing your limitations and being honest. ☺ Oh, but see my cool vintage dresser? Bella from Twilight has one like it, too.

Here's a first! Food on my blog! I thought this pic was so hilarious because my husband styled it on the hutch with Linda's yo-yo runner and snapped it! He was so happy that I made his favorite- tater tot casserole! Ha-ha! Poor man. I used to feel guilty and felt he deserved a domestic goodess instead of me but he assures me that he likes me just the way I am.

Even though I have many limitations, I *have* met a recent GOAL! Even with my surgery and recovery time, I've kept up on the dirty DISHES for about 3 weeks now and I'm determined to stay up on them! Nothing bothers me more than dirty dishes on a hot summer day so I wanted to establish a "keep the dishes done" habit before hot weather hits! Everything else can lag behind but NOT the DISHES! Can you tell how serious I am?

Enjoy your life, bloggy friends because I sure enjoy visiting your blogs- my FREE magazines!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Yellow Roses Are Back!

Happy first day of summer! This is a pic from LAST YEAR but the yellow roses are back and I want to root some this year so I have some to take with me when we leave next spring. Can anyone recommend an easy way? I've never done it before.Guess what? I FINALLY had LEG SURGERY for those huge, painful, ropey varicose veins that USED to COVER my legs!!!! In all the vein photos I've seen, no one has had them as large as mine! So celebrate with me! Yay! Shorter skirts, capris and shorts- here I come! I haven't wore shorts in public in over... 20 years? I'm so excited! I had my legs repaired on Monday and Tuesday and it hurt more than I expected but recovery time is supposed to be short. I'm still very bruised, sore and limping around but that shouldn't last long!

I should be much cooler this summer without having to wear long skirts and pants all the time or worrying about someone pulling up to the house while I am wearing shorts! Ha-ha!

Enjoy your first day of Summer! We actually have sun so maybe it will also be WARM! Now wouldn't THAT be nice? ♥

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Spring On The Farm

I hope you're enjoying your spring as much as I'm enjoying mine!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Linens From Farm Chicks

Ta-da! Here it is! The quilt I bought at The Farm Chicks Antique Show- all soaked clean and blowing on the clothes line! Colors probably appear brighter than true since it was still wet. Can you quilters tell me what pattern this is even though it's folded over? Here's a close up of some of the tears. The fabric might be too thin to mend so I might opt for fabric glue instead. Any thoughts? PS I'm a horrible seamstress!

And HERE'S the chenille spread! Big, huh?All the tears are on the other side but I'm happy to say that almost all of the stains came out on both the quilt and the spread.

I never did show you this children's spread that I bought over the winter form the Antique mall.

It was very stained so I've been waiting for the perfect time to soak and hang it! I think it's supposed to be a kitty?

All the stains came out of it, too. I get a real thrill out of soaking linens and having them come clean. I guess I'm a real housewife.

Well there's my morning fun! I hope you're busy doing things that you enjoy as well!

Friday, June 8, 2012

My Farm Chicks Finds

Here they are! My Farm Chicks finds! These bitty salt and pepper shakers were my first purchase of the day-$4.00. They will reside in my hutch! This is a really large, plastic cookie jar. It matches a salt shaker that I once sent to Sandy of 521 Lake Street- doesn't it, Sandy? This was a splurge for me at $8.00 but I wanted it right away so I got it. Fun, huh? See it- buy it! ☺

It was hard to get a clear pic of the top and side so I took 2! The vintage sheet back drop was a recent thrift store find! I think it's so sweet!I think these canisters were a good deal. There's hardly any rust on the outside of them and none on the inside. There were 4 canisters for $10.00. The fourth and largest which is not pictured is very faded. The Mrs. obviously had that one near a window! They ARE brighter than this but cloudy weather makes dull pics!

I've wanted one of these glass cookie sprinkle jars for a long time! I *really* want one with the little girl's face on it but this will do for now. I think this was $2.00. You didn't think I was going to forget the pastels- did you? This quilt was my biggest splurge of the day for $40.00! I've always wanted a genuine old quilt- not just a repro and this one fits the bill! It's some sort of star and only has a few tears in it that I will try to repair. It's nice and worn and bumpy and I plan on USING it! I had to buy some chenille too -right? Wow, there was sooooo much to chose from! I could have spent all day going through them all but there were so many more booths to go see and buy from!

It was really difficult to fully unfold and examine the larger linens because of the crowds. so this bedspread is in a lot worse shape than I thought it was. I think I paid too much for it- $20.00 but that's okay. I bought it from the young long haired guy who called me dude so that made it worth it. ☺

After I've soaked both of these and hung on the clothes line, I'll get full pics. I need some good weather first, though! Idaho is having another record wet spring. Ugh! Did I bring the rain with me or what?!

Well that's it! I hope you enjoyed seeing my Farm Chicks treasures! I even came home with money left over so I could impress Bobby.

Thanks for coming by! If you leave a comment, you'll make my day!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Farm Chicks!

I did it! I went! For the first 30 minutes I was enthralled but then my face started hurting from grinning like a fool! I tried moderating my enthusiasm after that... Remember when I said I'd probably the tallest girl there? Nope! God is making girls taller these days! It was so fun to dress up Farm Chick cute! ( I was so tempted to photo shop a better make up job on me here! Hee-hee!) I brought this little burlap bag that Amy from My Shabby Bungalow made and gave to me. I added the bling because it just seemed appropriate for Farm Chicks. The flower on my hat and the ribbons on my blog badge were also from Amy! I put on my blog badge on my frilly scarf right before I got there. Several people thought I was a vendor. ☺

I tried to take a variety of pics so get ready! I made sure I had plenty of batteries for my camera- but NOT plenty of room on it or I would have taken even more more pics! The green chairs below reminded me of my mom. I saw so many cute tins there- some priced better than others! I almost bought these red and green ones! I went to the Sunday show but it was still more crowded than than I'm used to. I won tickets to the show off of facebook so I didn't have to wait in line! Yippee!

Even though I wore comfortable shoes, I still got a severe cramp in my foot after walking around for about 45 minutes! I had to hobble outside and rest with my foot propped up. Ha!

These millinery flowers reminded me of Amy.

This table and chairs reminded me of my mom, too. I loved that fan and wanted it! But what do you do? There were 250 vendors and I saw things I wanted right away!

There were so many lovely booths but it was almost impossible to get pics without people in them- blocking the way. I had to edit a lot of people out of these pics!

These little ruffled bloomers were the first thing I took a pic of!

I thought the rick rack on this shelf was so cute! there was plenty of pink, red and blue at the show! I tried to take pics of all color schemes except rust. I don't do rust. It does NOTHING for me!

Purty- purty! It took me a long time to get a pic of this dress form without someone passing in front of it! Oops, there's that booth again. I go so confused making these collages!

Lots of baby and kid stuff but I didn't buy any-can you believe it?! The lady who owned the dolly high chair told me, "You know you waaaant it!" ☺ That was the only sales pitch of the day!

Loved this Dairy queen sign but again, it took me forever to get a pic of it.

See part of me in the mirror?

DECALS! I loved the beading on the high chair but it was too rusty for me.

There were 4 tables piled high with linens like this! I ended up buying a quilt and a chenille spread- both would be considered "cutters". The 20 something long haired guy who sold them to me called me "dude" and it made my day! ☺

Well, what do you think? Did you see anything you liked or that inspired you?

I'm so sad to say that I didn't meet any bloggers there but I chatted with a few strangers and made a female acquaintance in the man cave. She was also there with just her husband. A bunch of us "over 50" ladies were resting in the man cave where there was only one man! Ha-ha!

After the show, Bobby and I got lost in downtown Spokane while trying to find the Olive Garden! We finally found it and we had a wonderful meal! Carol, I really was going to take a pic of my dinner but my camera was full! Ha-ha! Just imagine: Shrimp, ravioli, salad, bread sticks and chocolate mousse! yum1 Huge portions, too.

Well, I had a wonderful day away at the Farm Chicks show! Way to go, Serena! I think it's a great show and I just might go again next year- IF someone can talk me into it.

I'll show my finds in another post!