Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Friday, September 21, 2012


Hello girls!  Welcome to the craft table! On Tuesday, My Bobby took me up north to the city of Coeur D' Alane for my vein treatment.  I knew there must be some good shops up there so I hopped online and looked.  Oh my!  What a city for antique malls, flea markets and thrift shops!  The first place we went was a huge and wonderful antique mall.  While there, I bought the daisy creamer that matches one of my sets of "mom" dishes. 
The second shop was what I call a "guys" antique shop and that's where I found this Humpty Irmi lamp!  I wish I had a pic of my face when I found it! the lampshade is too small so I'm going to see if one of my other ones will work better. 
Well now, isn't this new blogger formatting so wonky!?  Ha-ha!  Hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon!

Still no firm house news but we're taking that as good news and staying busy and happy.

Did you see my pumpkin party post?  Click on the party link for LOTS of great pumpkin ideas!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Primp Your Pumpkin Party!

No time for me to be decorating pumpkins this year so these are all pumpkins from years gone by!  Go see Debbidoos for a whole pretty pumpkin parade!

*For you regular readers who are hoping to hear house news- No firm house news yet but it hasn't been hard to wait!  God is amazing!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Three Little Kittens

And sometimes four. ☺ I bought 2 vintage baby blankets and a matching pillow the last time I went to the antique mall. They are felted and embroidered.

I gasped when I saw them and knew I had to have them! I tried reasoning with myself but it did no good! If something makes me gasp and then clasp my hand,s AND I can afford it, I think I should buy it- don't you? I have no idea where I will put them but they make me feel happy when I look at them and that's good enough for me!

HOUSE NEWS: We made our offer on our little cottage and the owners are considering it! Yippee! Our lenders are requiring a ridiculously massive amount of fix ups so the owners are having to call in contractors to see if they can afford to do them. This sounds much more hopeful to us than a flat out NO! so I am excited about that but I'm not excited about more WAITING to know for sure! My sons are contractors and I know what it takes to call in painters, electricians, etc. and then put together a bid. Our realtor said we might know something by Monday or Tuesday but I won't hold my breath.

Thank you all for your well wishes, prayers and encouragement. If we buy this house, I'm chaining myself to the foundation and NO ONE will ever move me again! Ha-ha!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Scaning Your Favorite Fabric

Hello blog friendies! Last winter, I bought a little pair of girly pants at a thrift shop that were made out of this cherry/strawberry fabric. Here it is covering a little jar I found at the thrifts. But this isn't fabric, it's paper! Did you know you can scan fabric and print it out as paper? Easy peasy! Just smooth it out flat, scan, save and print! I've printed it over and over! My only regret is that I didn't think to scan it when there was a larger piece left! I've been using the fabric in my button ball garlands and the paper in my crafting. Here in the pic below, you can see the imperfection of my gluing method. ☺


We make our offer on the cottage on Tuesday. We are using an unconventional loan so there are many repairs and stipulations that the current owners will have to meet if we are to buy it. The list is LONG and most of the changes cost more money than we have available. I guess it depends on how badly the current owners want to sell. There have been no other interested buyers and we're heading into fall and winter so in that repect, the odds are in our favor. It's still been enough of a road block to drain out my "let's move" adrenaline, though.

We attended the inspection with our loan officer and realtor the other day and we were able to spend a lot of time "unchaperoned". It felt so peaceful and it felt like home- even with the owners belongings still there. I was able to really look, measure and dream. I still can't decide if I want my craft room upstairs or downstairs but I think down. Oh wait- I mean *IF* we buy the house. I think you all can guess how I'm feeling. I'm not panicked in any way- just sort of dazed.

Thanks for waiting with me!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Boys

All four of my boys were here on the farm yesterday! This was the first time in two years! The tallest is 6-11 and my 14 year old is 6 FT! When I look at these men, I wonder how I survived and I also think that I've definitely earned my hips! These boys must have a muscle competition when they get together. ☺

Goofs! The eldest in the dark blue always thinks he wins.

The eldest is thinking, these guys just won't give up.... I think my youngest is just daydreaming about hunting season next month!

We couldn't leave their dad out of the competition! Hee-hee! I love this man so much! If there's a baby around, my hubby will be holding it! That's my youngest grandboy HOUSE NEWS:

Our first house inspection is this Thursday and our realtor invited us to attend! If it passes this first inspection, we will sumbit our offer that day!

Thanks for coming by!

I tried loading a music video but I don't think it worked!