Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Boys

All four of my boys were here on the farm yesterday! This was the first time in two years! The tallest is 6-11 and my 14 year old is 6 FT! When I look at these men, I wonder how I survived and I also think that I've definitely earned my hips! These boys must have a muscle competition when they get together. ☺

Goofs! The eldest in the dark blue always thinks he wins.

The eldest is thinking, these guys just won't give up.... I think my youngest is just daydreaming about hunting season next month!

We couldn't leave their dad out of the competition! Hee-hee! I love this man so much! If there's a baby around, my hubby will be holding it! That's my youngest grandboy HOUSE NEWS:

Our first house inspection is this Thursday and our realtor invited us to attend! If it passes this first inspection, we will sumbit our offer that day!

Thanks for coming by!

I tried loading a music video but I don't think it worked!


Shelley said...

You have some very good looking men Holly...I know you are a proud mama...I could just see you smiling as you were taking these photos...blessings on your week. Praying all goes through with your house plans.

Kim K. said...

What a handsome group of fellas. Definitely a proud Momma moment. Best wishes with the house. How exciting!!

Shirley Hatfield said...

Good luck on the house! Wow! I love tall men! My husband is only 5'11"...which is okay...as long as he's taller than me. Your husband is rockin' the same beard as mine...cute! =D

Tammy's in Love said...

Such fun to have them all come home! My son is stationed at Pearl Harbor, I miss him 11 months of the year and he comes home for a week. They look like they were ALL having a great time even the 'old man'!

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Holly, oh I`m so happy for you to have all your good looking boys home together, so much fun. Your Hubby is so cute to, great family pictures. Good luck also with the house,yey!!!Blessings Francine.

✿Carol✿ said...

Holly, you are a saint, to be surrounded by all of that testosterone! What a bunch of good-looking boys. I've got everything crossed for good luck with the house inspection!

Old Fashioned Gal said...

What handsome young men you raised! I bet you are so proud!
Good luck on the inspection! I hope everything goes smoothly.
Hope you're having a great week! :)
p.s. I bought supplies for the button/ball garland. I'm gonna get a start on them this week! I'm going for a Christmas theme. If they turn out good, I plan on doing all holidays!
I will definitely make a post and give you ALL of the credit! LOL

vintage grey said...

Such great photos!! So great to have them all there together!! Happy week to you! xo Heather

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Holly, you have some very handsome boys there! I can't believe how tall they are! How wonderful that they all got together! I am so excited about your house inspection, I know everything is going to go fine! Love, Twyla

My Vintage Mending said...

Four boys...you are truly blessed. And all so nice looking. My dad always has a baby in his arms when there is one around. Must have something to do with great character...smiles...Renee

Melissa said...

Such good looking guys! My little brother is 6'5" and I thought he was tall! So glad they could all be there at the same time for you, I know how much my mom loves that!

donna said...

Your boys are so good looking. Have you heard any on the inspection of your house yet?

{oc cottage} said...

what a proud mama you must be!!! {and HIP HIP HOORAY, i say!!! ;}

m ^..^

Georgie Horn said...

Wow! what a houseful of testerone! My poor dad had 6 girls!

Dorothy Prudie Vintage said...

Wow...those boys are tall...what good looking young men they are...they must take after their Mommy. Such a darling hubby and grandbaby. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Holiday Girl said...

What a lovely family you have!!!

ItsJustMe said...

What a lot of fun you must have had with your boys as they were growing up! They look like fine young men that you must be very proud of. I have one daughter, now 23 yrs. old. Gotta give you credit for raising boys, and four of them to boot! They must be a great help to you and your hubby, too. Will come in handy when you move into your new home!
Take good care,