Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Potholder Window Treatment

Hello blog friendies!  
Thanks for all your kind words on my hoop project.  
I love decorating with you! 
 It makes it much more fun!

Yesterday, I added more color and fullness to my pot holder valance. 

I bought extras from the antique mall and my friend Jane sent me the pretty blue one to add blue to the mix.  Thanks again, Jane!  
I hot glued the curly ribbon do-dads from the Dollar Tree onto each nail at the ends.
 I'm not sure if they really "fit" or not but I wanted to cover up the nail heads with something.

 Someone asked about the pic above the valance and yes,

 those are vintage Christmas cards all stuck behind the frame to form a collage. 
 I keep it up all year- because I can. ☺ I keep my gingers up too because they're just so cute!

I bought several cute, springy things from the Dollar Tree 

for my front porch the other day.  So fun!  I'm the first one on my street to start decorating my porch for spring. 
 I'm wanting to make a spring wreath for the front door. 
 I'll show you when I'm all done.  
 It's supposed to wind, rain and snow today 
and tomorrow but then warm back up into the 50's. 
Yes!  Perfect porch weather again.

I'm really enjoying living in town.  

I never thought I'd say that!  Ha!  
My heavenly Father always knows just what I need.  
I still feel shy and self conscious when I'm out in my yard 
or on my porch but I'm sure I'll get used to it. 
I'm not used to anyone seeing me when I'm outside.  
That probably sounds silly to those of you who are used 
to town but for this country girl- it's an adjustment!

Thanks for walking along with me on this new adventure

 by reading and commenting!  
It means a lot to me in my all boy world!
*UGH!  This formatting is driving me crazy!*


Lesa said...

Oh, that's cute! I have a couple of potholders like yours, the red one and the one that looks like a hat. Love what you've done with them.

Mecky said...

That is very cute!
I am not able to view all of your words today. Odd. But I think I know what you are saying!
I have not bee to Dollar Tree in years. I may have to stop in there.

I miss living out in the country. It is hard to get use to living in town. At least it has been for me. I feel watched all of the time. I guess I am getting use to it, somewhat.

Musings from Kim K. said...

How darling is that valance! Looks like I need collection! Happy Spring!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Don't know why but I'm not able to see the entire text of your post, is it just me?

Shirley Hatfield said...

I love that idea...using potholders for a valance. My sister used to do that in her old house. Bright yellow curtains and old potholders. Looks adorable, Holly!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, so cute, Holly! I'm glad you like living in town:) I don't like people seeing me outside either. Probably nobody even pays attention, but I just feel self conscious. Have a great day! Twyla

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon, love the pot holder valence, so bright and pretty......glad you are getting use to town...good for you, Blessings Francine.

Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

Cute way to display the potholders, they are so pretty!

GardenofDaisies said...

So cute! I need to do something fun like that with my vintage potholders. Wish my sister lived near me, because she has a knack for figuring out how to display things.

RetroSandie said...

I love the potholders as a window treatment!!! So cute!! And colorful! Holly, for some reason, I was not able to see the whole of your paragraphs in this post. It looks like the width of the post is off. Is it just me??? I just read your 2 previous posts, and they were fine.

Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Holly~ You are doing such a cute job decorating your dining room and kitchen. I loved the hoops on the wall, they look so cheery and the pot holders are a great idea in place of a valance. You're on a roll...keep going!
Happy Easter~

Simply Shelley said...

Very cute Holly...I love what you are doing. Your home is so full of cuteness! Blessings

VintageBettys said...

Holly...When I got home from work tonight lil Tommy needed my attention, I just put him down for a nap..Michele started working again...she started yesterday...I think she went back to soon. I love your valance it is so pretty....and your hoops are so cute...You really know how to put things together :)

Perfectly Printed said...

Such a cute way to display your vintage potholders!!


vintage grey said...

Such a sweet way to display the vintage pot holders! Love it! xo Heather

Elizabeth Andrus said...

Holly! Your wall project turned out absolutely stunning! I just love everything about the idea. Genius the way you covered the outer hoop. May I ask if you will have your crafting room in this house. Your window treatment is divine. You are such a wonderful decorator! Have fun this weekend! E

Chenille Cottage said...

Hi Holly,
Each one of your posts are so darling. I remember when you lived out in the country and were so nervous about a house in town. It's comforting to know that God directs our paths...We have nothing to fear.
Your new home is turning into a doll house...just like your old one. I absolutely love your dainty window treatment. It's so sweet and homey.
Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I'm so glad you stopped by.
Carolynn xoxo

Jean Knee said...

what a cute idea to do with pot holders. I'll have to watch for more.

✿Carol✿ said...

Your potholder valance makes me happy! I figure, if ya gotta be in the kitchen cooking, it might as well be cute in there!
When I'm out puttering around on my porch, I feel like I'm on display. Sometimes a girl just wants to have some privacy and decorate!
Yes, my email was hacked, and I've also had some really disgusting comments. Must be nice to have nothing better to do than mess with people!

Greenmare said...

i'm stuck at home recovering from elbow and wrist surgery and your blog just brightened my day! i love the potholder idea!! so clever!