Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Sunday, June 30, 2013

From Bar Stool To Toadstool- a Before and After Tale

*From Bar Stool To Toadstool- A Before and After Tale!*  
(I thought the title was so clever that I had to say it twice!)

I simply could not let the ugly BEFORE pic be the opening pic for my blog so I started with the AFTER!
While out garage sailing last week, my hubs had 3 UGLY bar stools paid for and in the back of the truck before I could blink!  I almost cried!  The cruddy, brown corduroy cushion brought back all sorts of horrible early 80's memories!  Ugh!
I thought maybe things could be better UNDER the cushion but NO!  NO!  No!
These are so NOT me!  So NOT Cutie Pie Cottage!
  "Couldn't you paint them?"  The hubs asked.  I thought, yeah, along with the 30 other things I'm supposed to paint some day!  Ha-ha!  My wheels started turning though and I thought I could at least COVER the bar stools and then I could live with those BLACK legs.
I finally cut into my 2 dollar cutter quilt and thought that would make a cute cover but it turned out to be too bulky.
But this dotty fabric was just the ticket!  I just cut out a big square which turned out to be too small and then cut out another square that was juuuuust right and stretched it over the offending brown corduroy and tucked it under its disgusting, old elastic!  Wa-la!  A cute little toadstool with a very Mary Englebrightish look about it!  You think?!  It fits in perfectly with the dots on my hutch.

I just love a quick make over- don't you?

Speaking of make overs- I cut all my hair off!  Pics to come soon.

I'm linking this post up to the Cottage Market for the upcycled party!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Elf Wanted!

Do you have one of those vintage/felt/green/bendable pixie elves? KNEE HUGGERS!  THAT'S WHAT THEY'RE CALLED!  Thanks, Shirley!  
I remember them so well from my childhood and have seen them on so many of your blogs but I have never been able to find one locally- anywhere!  If you have one more than you need, would you like to trade a rag ball garland for one?  I'm still open for trades on other items as well- just leave me a comment.  (Isn't this itty bitty corning ware dish adorable?  10 cents at a rummage sale!)
I finally made it back up to my favorite thrift store near the old farm and picked up all sorts of vintage goodies for me and my future booth for between 25 cents and a dollar!  This blue snowflake Pyrex was $1.00!  I was thrilled!  I can't wait to scrub it up with some oven cleaner.
This is actually a 3 piece canister set from the 60's for a dollar also!
A thick vintage table cloth for a dollar!  You should have seen me trying to contain my  "I can't believe this is only a dollar" excitement over these things!
Here's a close up that shows a hint of pink.  These colors are true and the turquoise is almost teal.  There are quite a few stains on this old beauty but I will try to soak them out.
70's much?   25 cents.  I feel like I saw enough of these colors growing up to last a life time but the younger girls are looking for this stuff so I'll put them in my booth.
I don't recall this yummy color on a silver ware organizer in my wife time so I thought it was really old but then I saw a recyclable stamp on the back.  Oh well.
These 2 goodies were 25 cents a piece, too.  There was even more stuff but I don't want to bore you!

Thank goodness that awful "pay us money" blip from photo bucket is gone!!!  I don't see it come up on any other blogs I go too-have you ?  I do NOT want to pay for my blog!  This is *my* free fun- free, free, free!

Are you enjoying your summer?  I sure am.  Idaho isn't the same without my grands but I'm adjusting.  I love all my blogging girlfriends so much!  Thank you for being here for me.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Potholders, Flowers And A Day Trip!

Just a mix of fun for you girls today!  I've been tweaking my potholder window treatment.  I found an old potholder that i wanted to add and I had to add new ones that I liked.  It is *really* hard to get a good pic of this window!  Grrrr!  I'm much better at taking close ups-
like these Violas.  My window box  looks fab right now!
My puppy smells the flowers while I work with them and she tries to eat them, too!  The red, white and yellow flowers were  "condolence" flowers from my hubs.  After 10 years of hearing problems, I finally jumped through a few months worth of insurance hoops to get some help, only to be told that I hear just fine.  Sigh.  I almost cried.  I evidently have some sort of sensory problem.  Ask me if I feel like doing more research about that.  Nope! 
I went to eastern Washington the other day to watch my boys rock climb.  It's only an hour away but the terrain was  so different!  It was very hot here.

Thanks for all the advice on my garland.  I was glad to see you are all as conflicted as I am!  Ha-ha!

I am so loving having a pool pass!  I feel so spoiled but I feel I deserve it.  I'm enjoying this early retirement!

Thanks for coming by!  I enjoy your friendship so much!

Friday, June 14, 2013


I continue to experiment with my giant ball garland and dinning room.  These two pics were taken a few months apart at different stages of my decorating.  The pic above shows the garland strung only to the point where the upper shelf ends.
 I decided I would try extending the garland so I made up another section and hung it.  Ever try making something level on  a cathedral ceiling wall?  Confusing!

I don't think there's enough space to make another section of garland that would be the same length as the others- bringing it all the way to to the window wall.
Should I take down the extra length and forget about extending it?
Should I shorten each length to make a third one fit?
Could I add a last length of garland that would be shorter than the others and have it look okay?
Are you confused yet?  I know I am!

We need to move the blue desk and bring in a tall ladder to get to the garland above the hutch so I don't *really* want to shorten each length- plus, I like the way it looks now- hanging a bit low. It just looked so empty above my chair that I thought I should extend it...  Decisions, decisions! 
Here's something funny:  
Do you see the teddy bear on the upper shelf?  He's in both of the pics but in the second pic, he's turning away from the camera.  I didn't notice it until I took the pic and downloaded it.  All I can figure is that our crazy cat got up there and did it!  Ha-ha!  I can't believe she hasn't broke anything yet!  She really misses living in the country and we need to find a cat tree for her!

I'm off to the pool again today because my hubs bought me a membership for our anniversary!!!!  Yippee!

Thanks for your kind and honest opinions!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fluffing The Hutch!

I was in major decorating mode mode yesterday so I fluffed the hutch!  Get ready for lots of pics!
I added some of my recent finds to the top!
I move things this way and that and then I stand back and look, then I move in and rearrange and stand back and look again.  I'm tellin' ya- it's great exercise!  Hee-hee!
I love tucking in little Irmi pieces to my displays!
What is this?  TWO sets of Miss Priss kitty shakers?!  Dear Meri from ImagiMeri's Creations sent me a set right after (or at the same time?) that I bought my first set!  Isn't she sweet?!  Thanks again, Meri!!   Don't you all think that I must have really needed these?  
I've had fun moving these cuties all around the house!

I've been fluffing in the kitchen too so stay tuned!

I'm off to the pool today and hope to come home much skinnier!  Cross your fingers for me!

I'm linking up to Rednesday at Cottage Sweet Cottage!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Look For The Porch!

I have a new pillow for my love seat and therefore a new look!  You likey?  I did  a garland trade with Shirley from Zetta's Apron for a pillow cover.  Isn't it beautiful?!  The red dotty fabric was a house warming gift from Nan at Retired in Alaska.  The napkin on the table was a gift from Kim from Shabby, Pink And Pretty.  Thank God for girlfriends in my all boy world!  You've all made my world a much happier place!  I also wanted to show you this pretty garage sale colander that used as a planter.  I'm not sure what color the geranium will be but  I'm hoping it will be red for the 4th of July.
Guess what else I found since showing you my porch last?  A  ficus tree to hide the electric meter!  I found it at a garage sale for $4.00!  Yay! I've seen them new for $40.00 so I was so thrilled!

Changing up the look on the porch is  so much fun  and you girls make it all the better with your love and comments.  I'm kind of like a sponge when it comes to love- I just soak it up!

(Are you wishing I would do a swap trade with you?
Let me know and we'll talk!)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Finds, Swaps, Swimming and Yo-Yos

Eeeks!  A poodle planter from the GoodWill
and a sugar and creamer in my mom's Alpine Chalet pattern, too!  I had told myself, "Just run in real quick!  Ya never know, you might find some pink Pyrex or some of your mom's dishes!"  I know I gasped out loud when I saw the cream and sugar pieces!! 
Here's Betty the bluebird!  I asked Laura of Vintage Bettys if she'd want to swap  it with me for a button ball garland!  I just love it!
Here she is in my hutch!!
Guess what I'll be doing soon?  I'll miss having my own pool this year but our city pool opens this week and it's only a few blocks away!  I wished I could find some cute towels and a beach bag at the thrifts and my wish came true!  Not all in one trip mind you- but in 3 trips!
Is it weird that I want to show you my new swim suit?  ☺  It's my first one in about 26 years!  It fits great and I feel good in it!  I bought it mail order from One Stop Plus.  it's the first suit I've found that covers up "the girls" completely!
Remember how we liked that jar of balls?  Well here's a jar of yo-yos!  I think I'm going to make a garland out of them!  Am I addicted to garlands?

Thanks for coming by!  You brighten my life so much!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's A Banner Day!

Heather from Vintage Grey made this pendant banner for me!
I just love it!

I asked her if she would want to do a swap with me-
One of my button ball garlands for a banner and she said yes!
After MUCH consideration, I decided to hang the banner on my porch!
Guess what?  It's not easy to take good porch pics!
Too dark- too light- flash in the window, neighbors thinking I'm silly...
I love my little sitting area!
Bobby and I have coffee dates here and I do handy work or read here, too.
I haven't finished the porch yet.  (Will I ever?)
This last pic shows what I usually edit out- the electric meter!
Why oh why did they put it there?
I want to put a fake dogwood tree in front of it if
I can find one for a good deal.

I snapped these pics while I knew the neighbors were all gone!
I'm feeling less shy while outside but it's not the same as being in the country.
Thanks for coming by!