Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Visit From My Boy

Here's my littlest grand peep on our deck.  He's the happiest little thing and has OCD tendencies that are hilarious!  Notice anything funny about the banner?  The wind has whipped some of the pendants round and round- making them shorter!
Here's my handsome trooper boy with his lovely wife.  These are the 2 most giving people I know.
Here's Bobby and I with all our grands and our youngest boy peeking over the couch.  I can see the love in his eyes as he looks at his little nephew.  These grands are like the younger siblings he never had and they don't call him Uncle Micah- they call him Mike and they are the only ones who do.  I think that's sweet.

Today, I'm working on a light switch make over.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Paper Chains!

Hello, girls!  I'm back!  And I survived!  Ha-ha!  Here's part of the giant paper chain that I made with our grand girls.  They made their own smaller ones.  I was inspired to make it through the book Tinkered Treasures  by blogger Elyse Majors!  Do you know about her wonderful eye candy/ crafting book? Click HERE to take a look.
Here I am pick nicking under the playhouse with the 3 oldest grands.  See my vintage Tupperware?
We had a wonderful whirlwind 4 day visit!  I took the 2 oldest to the pool with me one day and we had an exhausting blast!  I went down the water slides and everything!
And now?
It's empty nest time again!  Our 15 year old boy went back with his big brother and will be gone for at least another month!!!  What's really scary about this- is how normal it feels.  Hmmm...
Stay tuned for more projects and crafts!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Plastic Table Cloth Pendant Banner

I bought a plastic table cloth at the antique mall which had already been cut.  I knew right away what I would do with it!
I think I originally got this idea from Carol at Old Glory Cottage.  I took 3 days to make it- simply cutting them with a hand made template and then stapling the pendants over some jute.  I would have used pinking shears if I had some.  They are on my "dream" find list.
Bobby helped me measure and measure and I thought I had enough pendants to go across the whole length of the back of the garage...
But I didn't because a bunch fell on the floor and I didn't see them until after Bobby hung it up!  Ha-ha!  He was so willing to take it down and let me add them but I was ready to move on!  I'll take a picture of the whole back once the tent is taken down and the stack of tires get moved, the weeds are pulled and the....  

Our boy returns from his 10 day trip tomorrow and he's bringing my trooper son and his family with him!  It's been six months since we've seen them!  Bobby and I are so excited.  We've been cleaning and decorating fools!
We've also had lots of dates and time alone too and it's been a good glimpse of what an empty nest would be like.  (NICE!)

My facebook friends will hear from me but I won't blog until after their 4 day visit is over.  BYE!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Ribbon Carousel

I have so many new readers that I thought I'd reboot this OLD post.
*Note that this is an older post from 2011*
Look girls! I'm so proud of my latest creation! I think it's scrumptious! For now, I'm calling it a ribbon carousel! Do you think that's a good name? Have you seen one of these before? I don't know if I have seen one and mentally copied it or if I made it up on my own. My 7 year old Grand girl spent the night with me and I made this for her room while she was here. We started out making something else but it wasn't turning out. I think this turned out pretty well for a mistake!

GG helped pick out most of the ribbons and watched me make much of it before running off to play. I didn't have to go buy anything to make this. I used only what I had on hand. But now of course now I'm trim poor! (Many of these ribbons and trims came from blogging friends as gifts or give away wins!)

This was so much fun to make. If I would have had it longer, I would have added even more ribbon but there was no way GG was going to leave it with me! Ha-ha! I took around 30 pics of it and it was hard to narrow them down!

This carousel will hang from her bedroom ceiling. I used a fabric wrapped embroidery hoop for the base and tied or glued all the ribbons and pom poms on.

I covered the outer base when I was done, using a wide strip of beaded trim. I could have covered the inside too but decided not to since it will be hanging too high for anyone to see inside. Here it is hanging in front of my built in hutch so you can get a better idea of its actual size.

My GG and I had a wonderful girl's "weekend" together. My boy went off camping with her dad so we switched kids! I don't know how many times she told me that she was SOOOO glad that she had me all to herself! We crafted, went shopping two days in a row- the first day to the thrift store and the second day to the antique shop. We watched Anne Of Green Gables, had a hair and make up session, baked cupcakes, sun bathed and swam in the pool and Bobby took us out to lunch at our local coffee shop which has an outdoor cafe! It was so fun and I have strict orders to rest today! And I will!

Enjoy YOUR day whether it's work or play! You desrve to enjoy your life!


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Friday, July 19, 2013

I Picked Some Raspberries For You!

Mmmm!  Can't you just taste them?!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Solution

Ta da!  Yesterday was deep clean the dinning room day and that included tweaking the giant rag ball garland!
I went ahead and shortened each section and went *almost* all the way to the end of the wall.  Don't ask...
Wow, that slanted ceiling about drove me crazy.  Bobby and I measured, used the level, etc but since the buttons and balls vary in size, you can't get each section exactly the same.  I do not recommend this project if you are a perfectionist with a temperamental back, wrists and Achilles tendon!  Ha!
I'm having so much fun scrubbing and playing house while my son is gone!  I really love him but we needed a break!

Here's a close up of my garage sale colander planter!  No, it doesn't live in the house but I was out of fresh flowers so I needed a centerpiece.  It will go back out on the porch now.

I had to remove my dotty blog back ground.  Boo-hoo! I loved it so but it was causing me bandwidth problems.  Hopefully I can find another suitable one that is problem free.

Thank you all for brightening my life with your friendship!  Each and everyone of you is just perfect!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mini Barn For Me!

Hurray!  The little, pink mini barn is now all mine!  It's my booth storage building now!  Bobby didn't think I'd want to go "all the way out there" but sharing the guys' garage space was not working!  This mini barn is insulated- if it had a window, I think I'd move out there!  
I have lots of shelves out there that I need to wash and then I'm going to unpack all my boxes of wares so I can see what I have!  If I can get good pics, I'll show you.

Don't you think I should decorate around my building?  Hang a banner, plant some flowers, set up a little chair...
The only problem is that dog walkers walk right along my fence.  I hate it!  What I really hate is when they stop, let their dogs sniff around and potty there and then stare into my yard making *my* dogs go crazy!
Yes, living in town still affords some challenges but I'm adjusting- I promise!  But a privacy fence would be nice.  Maybe after the truck and the braces are paid off?
Sort of.  My boy is leaving tomorrow for a 10 day trip to see one of his big brothers so Bobby and I will have an empty nest!  I've been away from him that long before and so has Bobby but we've never both been away from him that long at the SAME TIME!  It should be interesting...

Have a great day every body!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Treasures and Trades

While garage sailing recently, I bought a box full of old jars for $7.00!  Some were blue,
and some were clear but cool,
and most of them had cool OLD lids like these!  SCORE!
The spice shaker was a recent Goodwill find.  I forgot it in my cart but had already wrote out a check for my other items.  I told the cashier that I would have to write another check so she GAVE it to me for free!  This will go in my future booth.
Remember when items were 10 cents at garage sales?  Well it still happens if you hit the right sale!  My puppy was scared to death of this old butterfly ball.  Ha-ha!
Here's my latest trade!  A rag ball garland for a Happy hoop from Stacey of Cottage Industry!  I love it!  Stacey makes the cutest cottage decor!  Check out her shop HERE

I'm still up for more trades if anyone is interested in trading vintage goods or crafted items!

The pool doesn't open till 12:00 so I have a bit more time left to CLEAN this house that I love to decorate!  Have a great day!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Alpine Chalet Display and My New Doo

Isn't this the cutest little display in the corner of my kitchen counter?  I love having my Alpine Chalet dishes where I can see them.  And speaking of cute...
I had a bit of fun taking these selfies!
I left off my foundation and concealer so you can see all my age spots.  
This is a wash and wear style. I can curl it if I want to but I haven't yet.
I know once the cold weather returns, I'll miss my long hair but that's okay.
My hair needed a fresh start and now it's so easy to wash the pool water out and deep condition it!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Fun Fourth!

I like to dress up cute on the 4th so I made these cutie pie bracelets while waiting to go to our celebration!  We went to the park in Pullman Washington for a Bar B Q, concert and the best firework show ever!  
My hubs loves when I wear a hat!  Short hair pics without the hat soon!  Since my hair grows super fast, I had her cut it a bit shorter than I would normally want.
The Kingpins play all oldies from the 50's to 80's but mostly the 70's!  The guitar player in this band is my son's guitar teacher this year so that made it extra fun for him and us!  Almost everyone dances at their concerts and it's so fun!
Since I was nursing a gimpy foot, my hubs went and bought my food for me and carried it to my chair!  He's my knight in shinning armor!  The next day was our 33rd anniversary but we usually make the 4th our day since it's hard for us old folks to celebrate 2 days in a row!  Ha-ha!

I hope you all had fun on the 4th, too!  We missed our grands like crazy but we're adjusting.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Playing With Pyrex, Flowers and Day Trips

Hello, girls!  I doubt anyone will come by today because of the 4th but I'm in a posting mood!  Maybe you'll all come by tomorrow when you're worn out from the celebrations!  My first pic in this post declares that I like making cute pie displays with my vintage Pyrex.  But I think you already knew that- right?  

My Geranium bloomed red just in time for the 4th!  I bought several Geraniums off the clearance rack but they didn't have any blooms on them.  It was a mystery what they would be!  I chose the right one to put in this colander!
I'm continuing to travel with my boys to watch them rock climb!  We went to Post Falls, Idaho recently.  It was so pretty there and I LOVED it!  See my chair with all my stuff around it?  I have to set up house keeping wherever I go.  
I'm trying to go to the pool every day but my Achilles tendon has been giving me fits!  I tell ya, staying fit after 50 is not easy!  It almost makes me want to give up- but I won't!
Hope you all have/had a happy 4th!