Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lilly Pad Pumpkin

I made a stuffed pumpkin and my boy said it looked like a Lilly Pad!  And it does!  Ha-ha!  He also said it looked like "one of those mud cake things that little kids make."  Hmmmm....  ☺
I've already taken out the stem and I'm moving on to stem B!  Home grown pumpkins have a curly stem but store boughts have their stems cut and I'm such a realist that I want a proper stem.  Ha-ha!  Sorry, I'm laughing at myself because as my boy also said "Real pumpkins do NOT have flowers on them."
I used this vintage sheet/pillow case for my pumpkin and sewed it up yo yo style and stuffed with pillow stuffing.  I also but some gravel in the bottom because I might put it on the porch and I didn't want it to blow away! 

I've been slowly fallifying the porch.  I run out there then run back in because I don't want anyone to see me do it!  

I really need to get over it though because its' taking forever and I want to show my blogging girls!
When I decorate, I have to fluff- then stand back and look, then walk out of the room and walk back in, take pics, etc and that's hard to do on the porch.  I pretend that I'm going out to my van for something and then I walk back up.  Isn't that silly?!

You should see my dinning room table.  There is a fall explosion on it!  I don't really do Halloween but I do fall.  I wanted to buy a real pumpkin yesterday but it was too heavy for my back!  Maybe I can actually drag my hubs to a pumpkin patch?  That would be fun.

Thanks for coming by and adding so much to my girl hungry life!  I hope you all have a great week!


donna said...

I think your pumpkin is cute. Which reminds me I forgot to put out my fabric pumpkins. I am looking forward to seeing your porch.

Linda said...

Holly, my "boys" are always giving their opinions, too. I have learned to listen and then conveniently ignore their comments. I love your flowered pumpkin! And who cares what the neighbors think about your porch decorations! I just wish I had neighbors who could see my decorations. ;>} Linda@Wetcreek Blog

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

That's too funny that you act like your just going out to your car! lol. Your pumpkin is sooo cute! That's a great idea to put gravel in it! I've just been using black beans (uncooked from the store) Can't wait to see pictures of your porch!! :) xo Holly

ImagiMeri said...

Holly you crack me up. Your hungry for friendship, yet hide from your neighbors!!!! Your pumpkin is adorable and those sheets so remind me of the 70's.


Musings from Kim K. said...

You totally crack me up with your sneaky front porch decorating. Our neighbors have given up on our holiday decorating chaos. Love your fabric pumpkin. My mother surprised me with a special fabric pumpkin over the weekend. I'm going to post it on the blog tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

But I love your pumpkin! Actually it's the cutest pumpkin I've seen this fall. Can't wait to see your porch when it's finished :)


Laura Adams said...

Your pumpkin turned out so cute! I hide from my neighbors to! lol's

Nora Miller said...

Aaaak! I do the same thing - lol! I am sure my neighbors wonder why I check my mailbox at the end of the driveway so much...even on Sunday...teehee. This is the cutest pumpkin! Vintage sheets are my weakness and I think I need to go find some fall colored ones.


retrorevival.biz said...

Adorable, Holly! You should send this over to Heather's The Vintage Sheet Blog ~ she'd love to see it:)

CoriLynn said...

Fall decorating is the best! Everything feels so homey and delicious in the fall. Although, we don't get too much of a fall here, I do love watching the leaves change color.
Can't wait to see your porch!
~xoxo, CoriLynn

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Holly, your patterned pumpkin is perfect! I was in Hobby Lobby and saw pink pumpkins! I said, " Hey, that's Holly's idea!" Your neighbors just probably think how cute you are! Twyla

Patti M said...

Holly....what do boys know about crafting fabric pumpkins anyway..tehe! I love the flowers on your pumpkin, the yoyo on top is a nice touch too. I like the stem you have but if you don't like it I can't remember where I saw it...probably on Pinterest somewhere....she used a real pumpin stem. She talked about going to the local pumpkin patch and found ones that had been broken off accidentally they just gave her. I wish I could remember where I saw it...I thought it was a cleaver idea. (((Hugs))) patti m