Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Friday, September 13, 2013

Who's There?

 Cutie pie owls from my latest trade!  That's WHO!
I made a rag ball garland for Mary of Redo 101 and she made me this adorable fall banner.  I just love it.  Thanks again, Mary!  Mary has an etsy shop so click HERE to check it out!  I love everything she makes!
I just love the little owl revival that's popular right now- as long as the owls aren't all gold and brown like in the 70s.  When I saw Mary's little owls. I knew I wanted some!  My plans are to hang this banner across the top of my frame I'm painting.  I'ts going to look perfect!
I've been on a bit of a thrifting re$triction and it's driving me crazy! But the other day,  I did manage to let $3.00 dollars sneak out of my wallet when I found this mid century coffee carafe.  I'm not a gold fan but I am a star burst fan!  My first thought was "buy for the booth" but on continued reflection, I think I'll use it in the craft room to hold fabric.  I have all sorts of vintage dishes in my craft room.

And speaking of craft rooms (which is really just my bedroom.)  Bobby is going to be putting a window in it soon!  Then I'll feel like I can really use my space, organize it and show you.  I'm so excited!

Happy weekend!  I get to go to our little county fair!  It's just a couple blocks away.



That is a cute little owl banner!
Happy weekend!

Jann Olson said...

Love the banner! Both you and Mary are so talented! I am heading out of town for a week, but when I get back I will contact you to make me a garland for my craft room. Been going to do that for a while now.

Perfectly Printed said...

Cute banner!!, My Grandpa loved owls but the brown and golds of the 70's!!! The bright colors are so sweet!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

That's so cute, Holly! I can't wait to see your 'craft' room! Twyla

Melissa said...

That banner is super cute! I love how much attention owls get during the fall season. They're so stinkin' adorable!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Cute banner! I love that coffee craft, $3 well spent!


Jane said...

Such a cute owl banner!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Cute fall garland! Love the owl! What a pretty new coffee carafe for you! Can't wait to see your craft room!! :) Have a great weekend xo Holly

GardenOfDaisies said...

That is such a cute little owlie banner. Your friend, Mary, makes hers similar to the one made for my nieces baby shower. My craft room is also our home office, so I understand sharing space. How nice that you are adding a new window. Natural light is really important when picking colors, isn't it?

Simply Shelley said...

Cute..cute...blessings friend

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

That's an adorable banner. Nice trade. Love your starburst coffee pot too.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Totally love the owl banner. Can't wait to see your craft room too.

CoriLynn said...

I am a huge fan of starburst anything! Vintage awesomeness!
~xoxo, CoriLynn