Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Here We Go!

Decorating has begun in earnest so get ready for lots of pics in the days to come!  I can't wait to see all your decor, too!
I don't have an old red pick-up truck to put my trees in so I decided to use what I had on hand!  Baby planters!  
I know no shame when it comes to throwing colors and styles together!   This is from my fridge top but I'm still working on it.  I need to add sprigs of this and that!

From the hutch top!  I'm still looking for the perfect tree topper for my mini tree.  I made a rag ball garland for it and a mini yo yo garland and I just love how they turned out!
Wow am I sore and tired from Thanksgiving and then decorating yesterday!  Today is girl's day out with my friend Becca so hopefully that will perk me up!
Merry Christmas! 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Hello bloggy peeps!  I hope all my American friends had a fun Thanksgiving!  Do you love my vintage apron??
My grand girl called crying yesterday so I told her I'd take a pic of myself for her.  
For me, Thanksgiving is all about pie, eggnog and rolls!    I don't cook a Christmas dinner so I use Christmas decor on thanksgiving.
Here's my Bobby and my eldest and youngest boys.  I had Bobby up early helping me wrestle the turkey.  He was ready for a nap even before eating!  Hee-hee!  I told him he needed to smile and he said he was.  
Proof that my guys actually use my cutie pie dinning room!  These 2 have played sooooo many chess games!  Micah has been an avid player since he was six years old.

My 3rd born boy was supposed to be here so I made extra of all his favorites but he eventually called from jail saying he wouldn't make it. I allowed myself about 30 seconds of disappointment and sorrow but then I moved on.  I just have too!

I'm chillin' today but tomorrow, I'm heading up north to Hatter's Creek Antiques where I won a $10.00 gift certificate on facebook!  I'm hoping she'll have some vintage Christmas that I'll like!

Be good to yourselves- you're worth it!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

It's Beginning!

Guess what I'm doing?  I just couldn't wait!  Even my boys are excited!  
 It takes me weeks to put all the Christmas up so I'm getting a head start!  I can hardly wait to hang my wreath on the front porch inside my white frame!  I'm going to try a lit star in the middle so my neighbors can see it at night. I was having trouble with the balls falling off every time I moved the wreath so I've kept my hot glue ready. Some of the balls are breakable and some are not so I really don't want them smashing all over the porch!
Here's my oldest boy who turns 32 tomorrow.  He's the sweetest uncle to my grand puppy.  She loves him to pieces!  Between the birthday and Thanksgiving, it will be a busy week for me so I'll see you all after!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ornament Wreath!



believe it?!

I finally made one and I adore it!  

There are many good tutorials out there but I'm not very good at following them so I just sort of winged it!  Just have LOTS of bulbs and hot glue and you'll be fine.  :)  If you look closely at my wreath, you'll see blobs of hot glue all over!  Messy stuff- that hot glue!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Yo Yo Christmas Trees


Too fun-right?  

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Harebrained And Happy!

Warning!  If you don't like crazy cool home decor, crafts, supplies and vintage furniture- stop now!  ☺  
I had a girl's day out with my long time friend Becca! We went to  Harebrained And Happy in the tiny town of Potlatch Idaho which is owned by Becca's friend Ashley.
This store is awesome!  I adored these tri fold doors so much that I took lots of pics of them!  I want something similar on my deck.
This store is incredible and it was all dressed for Christmas!  I felt giddy!
Every time I walked around it, I saw something new and delightful!
Harebrained And Happy is filled to the brim with unique and handcrafted home decor.  I was only able to purchase one small item and it took me the longest to decide which one!  I bought a pretty heart ornament that I'll show another time.
There are vintage pieces of furniture to see at every turn!
Several different styles of decor are represented in the store so there's something for everyone!
There was also clothing, jewelry, soaps, teas, oils, jellies, coffees and all manner of pretties to see!
I took several pics of this stove in front of the window- trying to capture it better.  It made me miss my old stove in Virginia.
So many clever artists are represented in the store!
Look at the fabric counter below!  That's an old door on the counter front!  So clever!
Here's a close up of the knobs!

I loved this little set of drawers below.  Um, well, I loved just about everything in the store!
Ashley creates the most beautiful and unique displays.
The purple area beyond the tree is the couch area where you can drink your coffee, use the wifi or craft like Becca and I did!  Becca brought her cross stitch and I brought my yo yo kit.  I felt like such a girl!  There was also a play area with toys where Ashley's little toddler played or where other children can play.
I didn't realize the coffee menu was a door until AFTER I ordered my coffee!  I'm telling you, this store was a treasure trove of discovery!
Here's the fabric area with Ashley and Becca.  Becca was purchasing fabric for a quilted Christmas tree skirt.  Look at the wringer washer with fabric scraps in it for sale!  Eeeks! And look at the old yellow hutch.  LOVE!  Loved it all!
After we left Harebrained and Happy, we went to Hatter's Creek antiques in the same town and I bought a little vase which I'll show also another time. Becca and I also swung by her new house which I hadn't seen yet.  I felt very thankful for a girl's day and came back home to my all boy world feeling refreshed and tired at the same time!  I slept well last night!

Thanks for coming by and I hope I was able to show at least a glimpse of the joy I felt at visiting such a store!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My New Stove!

Ta-Da!  Looky here bloggy peeps!
A 1963 Westinghouse terraced topped electric range -
Robins Egg Blue For *free*!
I found it on craigslist and I was so scared I wouldn't get to it in time!
Can you believe it?  Isn't it awesome!
The only downsides are that the oven doesn't work, it's missing the bottom drawer and it's a built- in so the sides aren't pretty but it was FREE!
Here's a couple of close ups.  Wish it was sunny today to get better pics!  I plan on using this stove as a display piece in my future booth but will also price it HIGH because I want everything to be for sale in my booth.
What?  You want to see me model it?  Okay!  
I wanted to do a goofy "price is right" photo shoot with it but both my nearest neighbors were outside so I was embarrassed!  Ha-ha!
I especially like this last pic because it shows how big my tummy is!
I have now successfully gained back all the weight I lost!
It took me a couple years -but I did it and you can, too!  Ha-ha!  Might as well laugh.

I'm still giddy with excitement over this stove!

PS I have no idea why my font on top is so weird!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Snow On the Palouse!

We have snow already!  It's been snowing off and on for 3 days now.
  The old pic from above is from my first year on the farm but if you drive out of my little neighborhood here in town and out on the open road, you can see miles of snow covered wheat fields just like this.

Winter comes early to the Palouse but that's okay.  
I'm thankful for the longer than usual fall that we had- more sunshine than usual and warmer, too!
I'm not a snow lover like some of you are but I'm embracing it.  
Might as well!

Yesterday was Bobby and Holly day so we watched a Christmas movie!  I'm humming Christmas carols and crafting up a storm for my trees!  Oh don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Thanksgiving.  
The thing I'm most thankful for is Christmas!  

Seriously, I'm a very thankful person all year round and I hate to cook so what can I say?  If I was going to YOUR house for Thanksgiving and YOU were doing all the cooking then I'd probably like Thanksgiving as much as my guys do!

Thanks for coming by!