Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Vintage Pressies!

My DIL found this apple sifter at a garage sale and thought it looked like something I would like.  Oh yeah!
I've wanted one of these for years!
Sweet re-homing gifts from blog friend Lisa.
I saved the package for Christmas morning!
Lisa is phasing out her pinks but she knew I still wanted them!
Lisa also included this cake carrier!  I'm not sure but I think this was a give away win for her that I had hoped to win, too!  I just had to wait about 4 years.    Lisa, if you read this, THANK YOU once again!
Happy New Year from the kitties and me!

Bobby and I are going to see Frozen tomorrow with our eldest.
Isn't that sweet?
My youngest boy thinks I should leave the tree up until the Super Bowl and I think that's pretty sweet, too.
I just might.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Old Family Pics

An high school friend scanned these old family pics for me!  The top one is from 1984.  I could cut my own hair back then but obviously, I couldn't cut my boys!  Ha-ha!  Hopefully they forgive me!
The second one is from 1985 and I'm pregnant with my third boy.
Those sure were busy days!
I remember so many details about these clothes, the furniture and curtains.
Fun stuff!

I'll be showing you some of my vintage Christmas presents soon!

Monday, December 23, 2013

A Yo Yo Elf!

Meet Trixie!  I'm still not done with her hands and feet.
 I keep changing my mind.  
I tried to make mittens but- nope!  
A sweet blogging friend gave me the elf and I gave it a new body and a headdress make over.
 I hope my friend won't mind.  

After the make over, I decided the elf was a girl!
My boy left for the coast today to visit family and the family friend he went with asked me to baby sit her kitten!  SO precious!  Of course the other animals hate him but hopefully there won't be any serious fights!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Friday, December 20, 2013

I Lied!

I said I was giving you only one more peek but I guess I lied!

My neighbors were gone
 and it was snowing so I thought I'd snap some more porch pics!
See the big flakes?!
This is my walkway view.
(I don't *really* like snow anymore but I'm trying!)
And the baby planters are moved again!  Hee-hee!

I had physical therapy today for my hip and heels and it went really well.
I am hopeful and happy again!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

One Last Christmas Peek!

These poor baby planters keep getting moved!  Now they're on the porch.
I keep rearranging them! It's so fun.
I love my cute little things.

I love my sweet little porch.  Isn't it fun?
Too bad it's too cold to sit out there!
I wrapped my pink cutter quilt around the the base of my white tree!  The whole thing looks so pretty in the sun but then there are shadows in the pic, too.  Most of the ornaments are up top because the bottom can't be seen through my kitchen window or from the street.  (And I don't have many pastels ones!)

Other than my physical problems, I'm having a very happy and relaxed Christmas time.
My youngest will be gone to the coast to be with his big brother and the grands.
It will seem strange to have him gone but it's also strangely not bothering me!
It takes something pretty big to ruffle my feathers these days!
I've been through a lot.

Be good to yourselves, girls!

Friday, December 13, 2013

My Christmas Dinning Room

Due to a cold, decorating has come to a halt here at the cottage.
I did manage to clear off the table and throw on a table cloth so I thought I'd better hurry and snap some pics!

If only I could stand *in* the fridge- then I could get the angle I want.  

The lower half of my tree is left bare due to my playful (naughty!) kitty!
She's captured my yo yo garland on several occasions!

I have a different centerpiece for the table but couldn't remember where it was until after I took these pics!

I start physical therapy today so I'm reserving all my energy for that and then hopefully I'll be well enough to finish the porch tomorrow!!

I've so enjoyed seeing all your decorating.
Thanks for showing me!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Progress On The Porch!

Do you love my wreath in my frame?
I do!
I was told the balls would fall off if I hung it outside so I triple glued them.
So far so good!
I put white poinsettias in the flower box and I love they way they look, too!
I still need something on the coffee table and the end table too so the cute penguin pillow can go on the love seat.  It's too cold to sit out there right now, though.  The last 3 mornings it's been near zero!

Today is my hubby's birthday.
We'll all go out to eat tonight and then come back here for cake and presents!
I love him so much and I thank the Lord for giving me such a wonderful man!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Green Tree

Close up of my rag ball and yo yo garlands on my green tree.

There's barely room for my tree next to my hutch!
We bought this big tree when we lived on the farm and had a LOT more room!

When and if I'm done with the whole room, I'll take a whole room pic!  I'm having so much fun!
If it's not fun- I don't do it!  

Please remember that it took me WEEKS to do all this and I did it because I *wanted* too!
Some of you girls are feeling overwhelmed by Christmas but I hope you can enjoy!

Self diagnosis was correct- severe Achilles tendinitis that won't heal.  Doc says it *won't* heal unless I have physical therapy!
My back needs physical therapy too so we will address that as well.

I know I will be happy when this is all said and done but I am a low stress- stay at home person and the thought of having to go and do all of this had me pretty emotional the day of my diagnosis.

I hardly *ever* cry but for some reason, going to the doc makes me cry.
I hate it.
I can't remember half of what she said to me so I need to look up my record online and read her notes.

That's enough about my health problems!  Ha-ha!
Just remember friends, no one has a perfect life!
We're all facing something and some of us are facing MANY things!
But I always find the things to be thankful for and have fun.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Out My Kitchen Window

I set up my white tree right outside my kitchen window!

Inside is traditional red and green but the porch will be lots of girly pinks!

Hopefully my neighbors won't hate me!  

Merry Christmas, everyone!
I can tell you're all having lots of fun!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Holly's Happy Hutch!

Those of you who are with me on facebook have already seen my hutch all dressed for Christmas but if this is your first time to see these- enjoy!
These old ornaments are kept safe behind the glass covered portion of the hutch.  I have a naughty kitty that I do not trust! 

This Teddy is from Elizabeth and he squeaks!

I love my indents!  Hopefully kitty can't get to these!

Such a happy find!  If you missed my last post, I bought the Santa set at my new favorite store, Harebrained and Happy!  Ashley, the store owner said she had thought of me when she set them out!  How fun is that?

My Miss Priss kitties think the dotty present is for them!

Thanks again to Shirley for the knee hugger!

It took me a couple weeks to get the hutch all done the way I want it!  I am a SLOW decorator.

I'm not sure about the arrangement on the large counter.  That's always the hardest portion for me to get right!

Now I can move on to my trees!
AFTER I go to another Doc today for my feet.  I've been in pain and limping around since spring and I'm so tired of it!
Wish me luck and pray for answers!

I'm linking up to Creating Christmas!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Santa Mug Set!

An early Christmas present from Bobby for the hard working cook- me!

I bought this at Harebrained and Happy yesterday for only $20.00!
There's one more mug not shown in this display.
The best part?  When I brought these up to the check out counter, the store owner (Ashley) said she had thought of me when she set them out!  How special is that?

I had fun researching these when I got home.  They are not Howard Holt but I like these better!

I also bought an old window with my gift certificate at Hatter creek antiques!  I'll show it when I hang it up after Christmas.

I hope you're all having fun!