Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Saturday, May 2, 2015

More Pics Of My Mall Space

If you missed my last post, I'm a dealer at my antique mall now!
It took me a while to accept the fact that my back won't let me handle/sell large items but now I'm completely content with my medium and smalls!
I love my little space- it's right by the side emergency exit door so I can park there and haul my items right in!
I hung items on the side of my case in hopes of catching the eye of passers by.  
See my # 10?  
I hope to add more special touches in the coming days.
I'm just getting over a cold and sinus infection so I was limited in what I could do.
Did you hear I made a sale my first hours of being open.  Yay!
This is my first time to "work" outside the home since the 90s so it's a big step for me but a FUN step!
Wish me luck!



Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I work with special needs students and also write a blog. We recently did a unit on Idaho! Thought you might get a kick out of it---- just search for Idaho when you get to our site: http://groupbygroup.wordpress.com

Shirley Hatfield said...

Best of luck, sweet Holly! You never fail to brighten my day with your optimism and sunny outlook on life! Go get 'em, Tiger!

Debby said...

You space looks good. I wouldn't want to haul the big things either. Congrats on your sale.

Sandie said...

Booth #10 looks great! Congrats on your first sale and the many more to come! :)

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Wow Holly, I'd be shopping your shelves. You have some really cute things, nice display! Lots of luck & have fun. :)

Patti said...

Ohhhhh, I love your little store - booth - #10! It's fantastic! You have some wonderfully vintage things! Holly - I want it all of course!

Diane Mars said...

Everything looks great! It's going to be a learning curve I am sure but you will do well! Congratulations!

Jane said...

Number 10 looks like such a happy place! Hoping for lots of sales for you! Have fun with it!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Best of luck! Can't wait to see more pictures and congratulations on your first official SALE!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Would love to run into your little cute area and shop! So many cute things!! Good luck with all your sales!! :) I'm sure those cute items won't last long!! ;) Happy new week! xo Holly

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness, Holly!!! That is fantastic news! Your booth is adorable. I wish you much success in your venture:) Twyla

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Great job, Holly! THis will be so much fun for you! Sticking to small things is better anyway.
Erica :)